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He Was In My Favorite Movie When I Was A Kid. Now He’s In Trouble With The Law

You remember him when he played Elliott, the boy from E.T. Now, actor Henry Thomas, 48, has been arrested following a drunk driving incident when he passed out behind the wheel of his moving vehicle in the middle of an intersection in Oregon. Henry has fallen far since his role as 10-year-old Elliott in “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.” Now he has a permanent stain on his record for the drunk driving incident that has left him begging the public for forgiveness.

On Monday night at 8:30 pm, the Tualatin Police Department received an alarming call. Some drunk had passed out behind the wheel of the car in the middle of a residential intersection in Oregon. Officers rushed to the scene, horrified that the drunkard might suddenly wake up and kill someone in a vehicular accident. Thankfully, the cops arrived and found the 48-year-old actor still sound asleep behind the wheel.

Although the police could not smell alcohol in the car, Henry Thomas was indeed drunk. The cops had to force the shamed actor awake from his drunken stupor. While he didn’t smell of booze, police noticed other signs that he was drunk and booked him at the Washington County Jail on suspicion of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated.

Although authorities have not revealed the blood alcohol content levels of the actor, he has been booked for a misdemeanor of driving under the influence. If he was not a famous Hollywood actor, you know he would have been slammed with a more intense criminal charge. While he might not have had Spielberg on speed dial, he just had to mention the fact that he once starred as Elliott in E.T., and the cops were probably eager to get his autograph and send him on his merry, drunken way. Fortunately, he got charged with the misdemeanor and will have to face his day in court.

Thomas appears to still be in police custody following the arrest for driving while intoxicated.

Because Thomas was a famous child actor, he has demonstrated, with this most recent incident of intoxication, that he has gone the sad way that many child stars have gone before. The fame that he experienced as such a young boy got to his head and made him feel that he was above the law, which encouraged him to get behind the wheel of the car, while drunk and intoxicated, and attempt to drive while risking the lives of everyone else on the road. He is lucky that he didn’t kill any innocent children during his drunken escapade.

Because E.T. has become one of the most successful movies in history, Henry Thomas swelled with pride with his involvement in it. The movie grossed $359 million in North America and $619 million worldwide. He probably still receives checks from his weeks working on E.T.

Most recently, Thomas starred in the Netflix horror show, “Haunting of Hill House.” He’s also been featured in television roles and films since his days working with Spielberg on E.T.

What do you think about Henry Thomas’s drunk-driving charge?

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