Here’s a story about another famous child actor whose life has gone sour in adulthood. You’ll remember star actor Shaun Weiss from his role in the Mighty Ducks. But now that Weiss has reached 40-years-old, he has become a different person than the bright-eyed boy you remember from the hit movie. Just months after Weiss checked himself into a drug-abuse treatment center, he has been arrested for shoplifting.

Police arrested Weiss for shoplifting in November and took him into custody. He was caught stealing from a Los Angeles drug store. You’ll remember him as the star goalie named Goldberg in the Mighty Ducks.

Now that Weiss has fallen into a lifestyle of drug abuse, he is totally unrecognizable. He looks to be decades older than he really is and now resorts to theft to fuel his drug addiction.

According to TMZ, which broke the story about Weiss’s thievery, he stole “$200 worth of stuff” off the shelves from the Los Angeles drugstore. He now is “facing a petty theft charge and probation violation.”

For a child actor who had a great future in Hollywood ahead of him, Weiss has fallen to a terrible low. His downward spiral has gotten worse over the years as his drug abuse ramped up. This shoplifting was the latest in a series of criminal acts that show that he really is on a slippery slope.

In August 2018, Shaun Weiss was arrested after he was parading around in public in a state of intoxication. After he was caught that way, he checked himself into a rehab facility, which told him that they’d get him clean.

Besides his recent theft and public drunkenness, Weiss was also arrested several times for other theft incidents and also possession of drugs.

In July 2017, Shaun Weiss got caught shoplifting about $150 worth of items. That incident occurred at an electronics store. He spent 150 days in jail after he pleaded guilty to that crime. That was just the beginning of the downward spiral which will be hard for the former child star to rise out of now.

After that incident, his manager Don Gibble told Us Weekly that the actor had high hopes to pull his life together and would not do anything like that in the future.

“He hopes to stay sober when he gets out. While he’s in jail, he hopes to write a script based on his recent experience.”

Shaun Weiss served only two weeks of his 150-day sentence before he was released. Then just five days after, he was arrested again. This time he was suspected of possessing methamphetamine. He is also believed to be the one caught stumbling around near the yards of Warner Bros. studios.

Back in 2013, an ex-girlfriend filed a restraining order against Weiss. He allegedly became violent toward her. She said he threatened to kill her with a machete, which he held to her as he urinated on her, saying “This is all you’re worth.”

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