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He Was Ordered To Repossess An Elderly Couple’s Car, But Then Decides He Has A Different Plan

Alzheimer’s is a crippling disease that often leaves a family heartbroken and in some cases, financially distressed. When Stan Kipping found out that he had Alzheimer’s, he and his wife were rightfully devastated. With a small retirement fund and major medical expenses piling up, the elderly couple found themselves in a major financial predicament.

As months went on, the Illinois husband and wife found it difficult to pay their $100 monthly car payment on their 1998 Buick Century.

The reality of the situation came to light when a repo man by the name of Jim Ford was sent to their home to collect the only vehicle they had. Instead of giving Ford a hard time, Stan and his wife Pat peacefully handed the keys over.

With a loss of hope, the couple did what they always did…they prayed to God to do what was best for them.

“When he took the car I said, ‘God, do whatever, whatever you think is best for us.’ You know, God works in mysterious ways.”

With the Buick attached to the back of his truck, Jim began to drive away, but the guilt quickly set in before he could get too far. Instead of taking the car away from the couple, he decided to pay off the late sum, change the oil and detail it, and to top it off he started a GoFundMe page to pay off the remaining loan. It didn’t take long for kindness to radiated from all over the country, and the loan was paid off in no time.

“They’re like America’s grandparents,” Ford said about the couple he soon befriended. “I saw my grandparents in them. And I made it a block before I pulled over and called the bank. And I asked them if I could pay off the past due amount.”

Soon it was time to go back to Stan and Pat’s house, except this time, Ford would be giving them their finely tuned vehicle instead of taking it away. As soon as he handed the keys over to them, Pat began sobbing uncontrollably, and to make her even more emotional, he handed her the envelope that was filled with cash from the GoFundMe page. There was more than $17,000 in the envelope, far more than the couple had ever expected to receive.

Stan and Pat, after asking for a miracle and allowing their faith to take over, they were rewarded greatly. They found their angel in Jim Ford.

“He was wonderful,” Pat said of Ford. “I mean, he’s the kindest man I’ve ever met in all my life… There are good people out there. He’s our guardian angel.”

Commenters applauded Ford for his kind deed…

“Beautiful blessing to the couple. The man went the extra mile to help and all the people that helped through go fund me account for the couple. Repo guy really helped make a difference in the couple lives.Beautiful.”

“Very good job on his part. We are not all evil out here. We are human too and have families. Some don’t understand that though. This video proves we have a good heart too. Thank you.”