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He Was Pretty Sure His Vest Was “Stab-Proof,” So He Picked Up A Knife And Showed His Friends

There is a reason companies print warning labels on their products. People do the stupidest things. Even though someone may order a “hot coffee” from Dunkin Donuts, if the container does not have a warning listed on it, they can take the case to court and potentially win money from the company. Is this fair? Not always. But sometimes people take this way too far and end up seriously hurting themselves because they refuse to have any common sense.

22-year-old Jordan Easton, a British man from Thornaby, was eager to impress his friends. He believed he had on a “stab-proof vest,” so he wanted to show it off in front of his friends. With a sharpened blade in his fist, Jordan thrust the point toward his heart and stabbed through the “stab-proof vest” into his flesh. The incident occurred on August 23, 2017, and had resulted in a complex investigation by the police.

“While in the kitchen, he took hold a knife to demonstrate it was stab-proof and sadly realized it wasn’t the case,” assistant coroner Karin Welsh said during a court hearing.

Jordan did not think through the consequences of his actions. He simply listened to impulse and brought the blade to his chest in a desperate effort to impress the people around him. Unfortunately, the effort to make friends resulted at the end of his life.

After he stabbed himself, Jordan fell to the ground. His friends acted quickly and called for an ambulance. But it would prove fruitless. Jordan was rushed to the hospital, where he was declared dead.

The coroner could tell that Jordan’s injuries were self-inflicted. But based on his friends’ testimonies and other evidence, this did not seem to be a suicide. It was an accident. Jordan had not tried to inflict harm on himself. He had only wanted to display the power of his stab-proof vest to his friends.

Jordan’s death shocked his family and the community. People who knew the young man, including his friends, described him as a “one of a kind kid” and a man with a “golden heart.” He had turned 22 just five days before he stabbed himself to death in front of his friends.

His mother took his death exceptionally hard. She “can’t absorb it” and doesn’t understand why Jordan would ever take a knife to himself like that – even if he really was wearing a stab-proof vest. She admitted that the act was “out of character” for her son who was always an upstanding young man.

The investigation resulted in the declaration that Jordan’s death was a “misadventure.” Walsh, the assistant coroner, said that Jordan’s death was the result of actions that had unintended consequences.

“It seems clear that’s the situation with Jordan,” Walsh said.

Based on the report, no reason was given why Jordan would believe a vest would be stab-proof. Perhaps he was wearing a bullet-proof vest. A vest can protect against stabbing as well as bullets, but just because it protects against one type of weapon does not mean it protects against the other. Read warning labels carefully.