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He Was Raised By Wolves His Entire Childhood, And Here’s His Message For All Humans

If you grew up with wolves, you would probably have a different view of how the world works. If all you knew were the drive to hunt for tomorrow and get just enough food to get by, you’d be stunned to walk into a world where people horde massive amounts of wealth and keep it all for themselves at the harm of those less privileged. And while those people suffer with next to nothing, the rich glut themselves on expensive foods and lavish wines.

Marcos Rodríguez Pantoja, who was raised by wolves for twelve years, now offers his criticism of human society. And if you care about doing things a better way, you’re going to find this Spaniard’s perspective to be very interesting.

Pantoja once was the “Mowgli” off the Sierra Morena mountain range in Spain. But he no longer lives with the wolves. Now he is 72-years old and makes his home in a small home in the quiet village of Rante. His town is located in the Galician province of Ourense. And he struggled this past winter. He is ill. And a violent cough threatens his very existence.

He had few happy memories except for those from his childhood when he was living among the wolves. The wolf cubs considered him to be their brother. And the she-wolf who raised him taught him all he knew about motherhood.

Along with the wolves, Pantoja shared his cave with bats, deer, and snakes. And these animals of the Spanish wild taught him everything he knows about surviving with next to nothing.

Pantoja was nineteen years old when the Civil Guard found him living with the wolves. They did not consider his lifestyle to be natural, so they took him away from his canine family. They forced him into the prison of human society, and he has suffered since.

Life was different while living with the wolves.

“I only wrapped my feet up when they hurt because of the snow,” he said. “I had such big calluses on my feet that kicking a rock was like kicking a ball.”

Since he joined the human society, he has been victimized, abused and cheated – just like the rest of us.

His life started harshly. His mother died in childbirth when he was three. His father left him to live with another woman. All Pantoja remembers from that time is abuse.

That woman forced him into the mountains to replace an older goatherder. From that man, Pantoja learned to use fire and tools. But when the man suddenly disappeared (most likely he died), then seven-year-old Pantoja was forced to fend for himself in the mountains. The year was 1954.

By the time he was found, he grunted instead of talked. And he cried, a lot.

Now he’ll never be part of the wolf pack.

“You can tell that they are right there, you hear them panting, it gives you goosebumps … but it’s not that easy to see them,” he explains. “There are wolves, and if I call out to them they are going to respond, but they are not going to approach me. I smell like people. I wear cologne.”

His overall message for humans is that we have to treat each other better if we want to be happy together.

Do you agree with Marcos?