He Was Tired Of Cruise Ships Passing His House, So He Started Doing This On His Lawn : AWM

He Was Tired Of Cruise Ships Passing His House, So He Started Doing This On His Lawn

Politics are different in Europe than they are in the United States. And a local politician part of the Green Party in Norway proved that when he posted a nude photo of himself on Instagram as part of a political protest. The man, Svein Ingvald Opdal, published an image of himself unclothed from behind as an act of “spontaneous” protest that he did “mostly for fun.”

So what exactly is the aging politician protesting? Apparently, he dislikes how many cruise ships are passing his vacation home. In a conversation with his wife, they realized that “there were 11,000 cruise ship visitors in total in a week, and he’s not all that thrilled about these big cruise ships.” So as an act of protest, he stripped out of his clothes and bared himself to the tourists aboard the ship.

Opdal is 71-years young and still has enough spunk to stand in the nude as an act of protest.

“We arrived in Olden earlier on Wednesday, and we immediately came upon three major cruise ships.” He didn’t like seeing so many visitors to his favorite spot, so he did what he could to let them know he didn’t like it. That Sunday he was done with so many uninvited guests to his vacation spot. And when two new ships pulled into the harbor, he took off his clothes and asked his wife to take a photo of his bare rump.

He captioned the Instagram photo “I protest.”

Although Opdal had convinced his wife to photograph him in the nude from behind at their luxurious vacation home, she didn’t like the idea of posting it. Apparently, the moment unfolded naturally. He woke up early on Sunday with a sudden urge to urinate, so he ran into the yard to relieve himself. That’s when he asked his wife to snap the now-viral image.

“She didn’t want to post it up on her Instagram or Facebook page, so I did it myself.”

Many readers of Daily Mail feel the Norwegian politician is hypocritical about the issue.

“He bought a holiday home there, but nobody else is allowed to visit the place? By boat at least, otherwise he starts mooning people. This is the all too shoddy standard of the 21st century politicians for you!”

“Couldn’t he just put up a sign that says ‘cruise ships not welcome’ or is he just a natural exhibitionist?”

Some people agreed with his protest. But they do not think politicians who have a lot of money have much ground to stand on.

“I’m not a fan of places being overrun by tourists and cruise ships, but I am also not a fan of the wealthy buying up all the most beautiful places in the world and trying to deny everyone else entry.”

Because Opdal has enough money to purchase a vacation home where tourists from around the world want to visit, it seems he has little to complain about except for the fact that he needs to learn how to share.

What do you think about this Norwegian politician’s naked protest?