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He Weighed 400lbs At 10 Years Old. He Started Dieting Two Years Ago And Wait Until You See Him Now

Everyone knows that proper diet and exercise can help you lose weight. But those lifestyle changes are significant and require a lot of sustained effort. Unless someone faces a life-and-death situation because of their weight, it can be very extremely hard to make a change and shed some pounds. Even if they face certain death through obesity, it can be hard to eat better and get on a treadmill.

But after topping the scales at 400 pounds when he was just ten years old, Arya Permana needed to make a change or lose his life early. He became known as Indonesia’s fattest boy, a title he did not love. However, he decided to do something about his weight and has since dramatically shifted his life around and lost a lot of weight.

As footage of the boy began to go viral, people wanted to see more of Indonesia’s fattest boy. Although he was born at just 5 pounds, he gained weight very fast, and by the age of two, he was topping the scales. The boy’s diet worried his parents, 37-year-old mother Rokayah and 47-year-old father, Ade Somantri. Arya ate five times per day – and his meals were hearty.

Although he once was massive, Arya decided he needed to change his life. He cut out a lot of food from his diet and has since lost half his body weight. He now walks about three miles every day and plays sports with his friends.

Now at the age of twelve, Arya has lost so much weight. There are images of him wearing his old clothing, which simply covers him like a blanket.

Although doctors did not urge him to make a change, he wanted to be slimmer and feel happier. Since losing hundreds of pounds, the boy is enjoying life much more.

“Now I am happy, I can walk. I can play as well. I have become more agile than before. I like playing football too. I can walk 5km with my friends, and every afternoon I play football with them. ‘I want to be a professional footballer. My favorite football club is Liverpool FC, and my favorite player is Roberto Firmino. I want to play like him.”

Arya experienced problems because of his weight since he was nine. He weighed so much back then that he could not get to school. Since the school was on a hill, he was unable to climb it.

So how did he lose the weight? He changed his diet and started exercising.

Arya’s father, Ade, said: “We have been giving him the food that doctors have recommended. We don’t give him prohibited foods. He is not allowed to eat sweets or sweet drinks. He is strictly off sugar. Arya is now very active and plays with his friends. He even goes for a walk with his friends. His sleeping habits have also improved.”

Ade added, “Earlier he would complain of shortness of breath and troubles sleeping, but now he has sound sleeps. He sleeps at 10pm every night except Sunday when I give him the freedom to sleep at 11pm or 12pm.”

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