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He Went To The Doctor Because Of A Strange Smell. Then He Admitted The Truth About His Body

One young man worked hard to get with the ladies. He had some success because  girls were “throwing themselves at him.” Then he noticed that his penis “failed him” because he could not “finish.” He also noticed a “nasty smell.” This failure really upset the young man, known only as Zach, because he really cared about being able to engage in such relations with women.

Because it was vital for him to have his issue fixed, he visited The Sex Clinic and revealed that he had slept with about forty “lasses” – then he revealed a detail that left everyone in the clinic stunned.

Zach admitted that he had never washed his penis area. At 24-years-old, Zach had never once put soap and water to his privates because he never washed it in all his life.

As it turned out, Zach knew he had a host of STIs. But during his visit to The Sex Clinic with Dr. Naomi Sutton (it is a hit show on E4 in the United Kingdom), he thought that he was having trouble finishing because he thought his foreskin was too tight. It was choking his private parts and making it hard for him to access what he needed to. Zach thought it was tight because he wanted to believe his penis was still growing and his foreskin was unable to keep up with the rapid pace of growth.

Dr. Sutton gave Zach an examination and found that this was clearly not the case. Instead, she saw that he had a debilitating case of smegma. This is a build up of oil, moisture, and skin cells. The smegma made his foreskin too sensitive to pull back.

Zach then told Dr. Sutton that he never knew he was supposed to clean his penis.

The symptoms have bothered Zach for the last six-to-nine months. He experienced pain and irritation at the tip of his penis that was affecting his performance.

During the examination, Zach first met with nurse Sarah. He asked her if she thought his penis was still growing. She said: “I think you’ve stopped growing now, babe.”

Sarah then brought in Dr. Sutton, who tried to examine him but it was too painful. Zach pulled it back but admitted he could only do it part of the way.

When he was diagnosed with smegma, Zach admitted that he never cleans under the foreskin.

Sarah gave the young man some parting advice, “If you take nothing away today, just this, wash your penis, darling.”

Zach admits that no one ever educated him about his private parts. He was never told that he ought to clean the genitals thoroughly all the time. He figured it was meant to be left alone.

Now that he knows the best way to take care of himself, he says he is committed to practicing better hygiene than ever before.

Zach’s story has sparked outrage among many viewers. They are shocked that women were willing to be with him despite his horrendous case of smegma.

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