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He Went To The Doctor With Stomach Pain. When Doctors Saw His X-Ray They Demanded The Full Story

When a teenager went to the doctor with stomach pains, the medical professionals never could have guessed what was to blame for the discomfort. An X-ray quickly revealed the bizarre cause of the teen’s pain and inability to urinate — he had an electrical wire knotted in his bladder. How did it get there though? Turns out, it was of his own doing.

The teen from Uttar Pradesh in India, whose identity was not revealed, admitted that he had shoved the wire up his urethra in an attempt to arouse himself. Upon looking at his medical history, it was found that this wasn’t the first time he had put things in his urethra, according to a case report.

The electrical wire had been placed inside and became tangled in his bladder, all of which created a new concern: how to remove it.

After the teen went for medical help for his bladder pain, he revealed that the discomfort came after placing the wire in his urethra for sexual gratification. The X-rays conducted by the King George’s Medical University team clearly showed the coiled wife in his bladder.

Interestingly, they believe the wire eventually reached his bladder and curled up when he had contractions when trying to urinate.

According to the urologists involved in the case, led by Dr. Ajay Aggarwal, the teen was found to have no psychiatric illness, with an evaluation proving “unremarkable” in that area.

The first approach for removal was for surgeons to attempt to pull the wire back out of his urethra through a cystoscopy, which involves using a thin camera to look inside the bladder. This was unsuccessful, however, since the cable was knotted in his bladder.

It was then that they worked to break down the wire using a powerful Holmium laser, typically used for enlarged prostates, that was attached on a thin wire pushed into his urethra.

This was found to be an effective operation, and showed that the laser can be an “efficient and powerful tool” for breaking down materials and removing them endoscopically.

The teen was discharged from the hospital just 24 hours after the procedure.

While these cases are definitely peculiar, there have been other instances of others doing this and having to have items surgically removed from their body.

Earlier this year, a teenage boy reportedly cut the head off of his cell phone charging cable and inserted the USB cable into his penis. He did it out of curiosity and tried unsuccessfully to remove it himself.

He required emergency surgery as the cable had reached his bladder and formed a knot. Doctors had to surgically open him up, cut off the knot and pull the cable out the way it went in. The boy was released from the hospital two weeks later.

Doctor Xu Liyan, the Harbin Children’s Hospital’s urologist, explained why surgery was necessary, noting: “The cable reached his bladder, where it tangled and ended up in a knot, so when he tried to pull it back out, it became stuck.”

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