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Heartbroken Widower With 7 Kids Breaks Down When Stranger Whispers These Three Words

Back in July 2018, Dakota Nelson was living the life of his dreams. He had a large family of seven children and was married to the love of his life, Ream. During that summer day, the couple was in their garage, having a fun time looking at all the stuff they had accumulated over the years. At one point, Dakota left to grab a few tools, and when he returned, he found his wife, 38, collapsed on the floor.

Dakota ran over to her, shocked to find her debilitated like this. She was always so healthy and happy and strong. But her condition did not seem good. Her face had turned blue, and it looked like she was lacking oxygen. Within seconds, Dakota confirmed what he feared. Ream had stopped breathing.

As Dakota pumped at his dying wife’s chest, performing CPR, he ordered their 11-year-old son to run into the house and call 911. The boy followed orders, and before long an ambulance was sent to the house. However, doctors admitted that Ream did not have a hope in the world. Her brain had been without oxygen for at least twenty minutes by the time the medical professionals were able to get to her. That meant she would never be the same woman again.

Before she finally died, Ream clung to life in a comatose state. For weeks she struggled in that coma until her body gave out and her life disappeared. Although she had doctors keeping watch on her and examining her regularly, they never figured out why she died and why it came on so suddenly.

Without any warning, Dakota became a single father. He had to raise the family’s seven children, who ranged from one to sixteen all by himself. Not only did he have to deal with his grief, but he also had to pick up three part-time jobs to cover the bills that his children rack up every month.

After all this tragedy changed Dakota’s life forever, he didn’t expect anything good to happen. How could he when he had just had his life turned upside down? But thanks to an anonymous donor, Dakota had one stroke of good luck. And because the donor heard about the man’s heartbreaking story in time for the holidays, Christmas came early for Dakota and his seven children.

In the video, you’ll get to see Dakota’s emotional reaction as he opens the gift from the generous, anonymous donor.

The donor was not the only person who wanted to help Dakota and his children in the wake of their mother’s terrible passing. A GoFundMe page has been created to help the family get through this tough time. Ream’s sister started the page as a way to help lessen Dakota’s burden as he tries to put the pieces of his family’s shattered life back together.

Watch the video below to see how this generous donor gave Dakota a reason to smile just in time for the holidays. What do you think about the way this man has been dealing with tragedy?

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