Her Boyfriend Called Her A “Fat Piece Of Garbage.” Months Later, He Can’t Believe His Eyes : AWM

Her Boyfriend Called Her A “Fat Piece Of Garbage.” Months Later, He Can’t Believe His Eyes

When someone wrongs you, it feels good to get back at them. While this might not always be the best way to live one’s life, it feels good to prove a hater wrong. Because someone said or did something terrible to you, their hate might motivate you to make a change. That’s what happened to one woman after her hateful boyfriend labeled her a “fat piece of garbage.”

After she heard that insult come out of his mouth, Alvina Rayne knew that things were over between them. One of the reasons she gained weight in the first place was because of her boyfriend. Alvina was trapped in an abusive relationship and ate junk food to cope with it. She also suffered from bouts of depression that left her exhausted and feeling terrible.

Alvina, a mother, living in Philadelphia, could not handle the verbal abuse her boyfriend spat at her constantly. Sugary and fatty foods offered her some comfort. She wanted to leave him, but she just didn’t know how to do it. It took him driving her to the edge of self-loathing until she finally realized that she needed to leave him once and for all and get back the life she deserved.

When she was at her heaviest, 274 pounds, Alvina’s boyfriend said horrible things. He said she’d never lose the weight and was too disgusting to every attract another man. And her health was in bad shape. She suffered from depression, anxiety attacks, pre-diabetes, and high blood pressure. If she didn’t do something soon, her body could fail on her.

In 2009, she decided that enough was enough. She was done with the abuse. She was 32 and knew she deserved better.

When things finally clicked, she was ready to leave her abusive boyfriend. Then she did what she thought would be impossible – she dumped the “piece of garbage” and did not look back.

As soon as she lost the dead weight of her boyfriend, she was able to focus on herself again. She changed her diet and began exercising. She tried a low-carb keto diet. And it worked! After the horrible abuse she endured and how her ex-boyfriend told her that “no one will want you” she decided to want herself first. And as she set out to prove her deadbeat boyfriend wrong, Alvina lost 130 pounds.

Now her video blogs have inspired other people to stand up for themselves and change their lifestyle.

But her ex-boyfriend wanted her back. Now that she was no longer his “ugly” girlfriend, but someone he considered attractive, he figured she’d fall right back in line and come back into his arms. So the “courageous” boyfriend sent his mother to check on Alvina. The mother was impressed with Alvina’s new look and told her son all about it.

Then her ex-boyfriend called.

“Yo. I heard you put on some hotness,” he said. Then he slathered sugary talk onto Alvina. As if that was going to work on this independent woman!

Because she left him, her life vastly improved. She would not even consider getting back with the abusive jerk.

Now she’s happy and has a new man who treats her “like gold.”

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