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Her Boyfriend Dumped Her Because She Was “Too Fat,” So She Made Sure He Would Regret It Forever

There’s no telling what can motivate a person to make a significant life change. Perhaps they’ve got a health diagnosis, a new job, or meet the person of their dreams. There are also negative things that can influence someone to change their lives once and for all. These motivators are kind of like a big “I told you so” that no one can deny – now one woman just got revenge on her horrible ex-boyfriend.

“Fitness Goddess” Wei Xiaoting from China may only be 21, but she has already transformed her life like few people twice her age are able to do. Because her ex-boyfriend dumped her for being “too fat” for his taste, she went on to prove him wrong by joining a gym and become a fitness model. Now Xiaoting, who was dumped when she weighed just 165 pounds, has transformed her body and become the national bikini champion in a matter of two years after he dumped her.

When the boyfriend slighted her, it really affected her because he was her first boyfriend ever and she loved him. Because she gave him her heart, he broke it and left it shattered in pieces at her feet, dumping her for a superficial reason.

Xiaoting granted MailOnline an interview, saying: “He was my first-ever boyfriend and we had dated for two years. One day in 2016, he went back to his home country unexpectedly and never returned.”

When her hurtful boyfriend dumped her, she was studying for a degree in management at a college in southern China’s Guangxi Province. Her boyfriend was seven years older than her and felt powerful putting down a younger girl.

“He played rugby and went to the gym often. I would sometimes go with him, but he would say to me in my face: ‘Look at your figure, you would never win any fitness competition,’” Xiaoting said.

Because her boyfriend shamed her for being “too fat,” her classmates also teased her too.

“A lot of people said I was very fat. I got the cold shoulder from my classmates, and they didn’t want to hang out with me. Because of the ill treatment I got from other people, and because of the hurt I got when my ex-boyfriend left me, I decided to hit the gym and become a better self,” she said.

Now she’s a national bikini champion, proving all her critics wrong. But the person who is kicking themselves most is her ex-boyfriend.

Although the ridicule might have stopped some people in their tracks, it only served to make Xiaoting stronger. She hit the gym with gusto and gave it her all. Without a coach, she designed her workout plan. But changing her diet was the hardest.

“All I could eat was a small portion of potato, corn and hard-boiled chicken, and I had to eat those for three and four months. I became very temperamental because of the nutritional change in my body,” she said.

What do you think about this young woman’s results? Did she prove her ex-boyfriend wrong or what?

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