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Her Dad Refused To Let Her Get Married. 50 Years Later, She Learned The Truth

Weddings are a magical occasion. They bring two families together and are a celebration of love. But when the father of the bride stopped the wedding, it took the love birds fifty years later to realize the massive mistake that had been made. As it turned out, Janice Rude met the love of her life, Wilson Prentiss, while attending the highly-acclaimed Occidental College in Los Angeles in 1962.

Because the pair fell in love immediately, they knew they wanted to get married and start their life together. They didn’t see any reason to delay the inevitable. They had everything planned. They wanted a great ceremony that would unite their two families. They had the bridesmaids and groomsmen selected. All they needed was the blessing of the father of the bride. As it turned out, that was not going to be a simple matter.

Janice broke the news to her father carefully. She described Wilson as an intelligent, hard-working young man with great ambitions. She also told her father that he was the love of her life. But the father of the bride refused to allow his daughter to marry Wilson. Although she had already spent money on designing wedding invitations and spent hours shopping for the perfect wedding dress, her father persisted in his resistance. He kept urging Janice to drop Wilson and not get married. He even threatened to quit paying for her college education if she tried to continue to see Wilson, whom the father considered a “street boy.”

Although her heart told her that Wilson was the one and only man for her, she was powerless against the influence of her father. Despite what her heart told her, she decided to follow her father’s dictate, and she dumped Wilson, who was a bit too rough for her fancy father’s tastes.

Janice thought many times about eloping with Wilson. But she knew that if she did that, her father would follow through with his ruthless threats. She would be effectively cut off from the family. She would probably never see her father again and might even lose touch with her mother, despite the fact that her mother supported her relationship with Wilson.

She broke down and ignored the urgings of her heart. As her father wanted, Janice dumped Wilson.

But the father’s wishes were not enough to stop them from connecting again. It only took them fifty years.

Wilson told the Huffington Post, “I believe we were simply meant to be, I even remember the first time I laid eyes on Janice.”

The years went on, and they parted ways. But when both of their mothers died, they found their way back to each other. They had lived full lives, married, and divorced. They both happened to be open to a relationship and when they saw each other, the love they felt from those warm days in Los Angeles on the beautiful Occidental College campus came flooding right back to them.

Although Janice’s dad tried to keep them apart, their love stood the test of time.

True love conquered Janice’s father’s prejudice. They were married in 2012 at Occidental College and are still “blissfully in love” to this day.

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