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Her Family Got The Ultimate Revenge When They Posted This As Her Obituary

When people pass away, their families usually mourn their loss. But for one family, all they can say after the death of Kathleen Dehmlow is good riddance. The matriarch passed away in Springfield, Minnesota last week at the age of 80. And after her surviving family members had a chance to write the obituary and publish it in a local newspaper, they finally got the revenge on her they could not get while she lived.

Because her family wanted the public to know the truth about Kathleen, they held nothing back as they wrote the obituary. They made sure that everyone who read the Redwood Falls Gazette, and now everyone who is following this story online, knew that Dehmlow was not a person who did much good in the world.

The obituary starts off rather normally. It describes how Kathleen married Dennis Dehmlow in 1957 and gave birth to Gina and Jay. While that sounds common enough, the next sentence throws everything off.

“In 1962, she became pregnant by her husband’s brother Lyle Dehmlow and moved to California.”

From there, the obituary gets very blunt.

“She abandoned her children, Gina and Jay who were then raised by her parents in Clemens, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Schunk.”

The childhood of these two innocent kids did not seem to be a beacon of hope in their lives. It appears to be a very dark part of their history that they are now glad is dead.

The obituary then added, “She passed away on May 31, 2018, in Springfield and will now face judgment. She will not be missed by Gina and Jay, and they understand that this world is a better place without her.”

When people saw the obituary, it quickly went viral. Internet users across the country could not believe that Kathleen’s biological children would be so honest and forthright about their mother. However, after she abandoned them when they were five, they could never look at her as a good parent again.

Although many social media users understood the children’s desire to get the truth out about their mother, others found it funny to hear about her cheating ways.

But some people were outraged that the local paper would print something so brutally honest.

“OMG. Why Would they even let this be published!! What has this world come to! So horrible!” wrote Shayna Marie Jahnz.

“Look at what was published in the Redwood Falls Gazette,” wrote Charlene Johnson. “I can’t believe how hateful people can be. RIP.”

As you can imagine, this viral story sparked dialogue among people across the world. In the comment section on Daily Mail, readers wrote:

“Sometimes these things just have to be said. I understand completely.”

“I think it says more about the children than it does the mother.”

“I will probably write something similar about my mother who had seven children by seven different men and raised none of us.”

Do you think the obituary was appropriate? Or should Kathleen Dehmlow’s children have bitten their tongues instead of publishing this?