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Her Husband Cheated On Her So She Lost 126lbs. Now He Wants Her Back

When 25-year-old Lisseth Esposito learned the truth about her husband, she ended it. He was going on with other women behind her back as if she was a dog. And the young woman from Northfleet, Kent, United Kingdom was not going to allow her husband to walk all over her and treat her like trash. Instead, she divorced the cheater and then decided to reset her life, start fresh.

After he was caught cheating, Lisseth’s husband claimed that the only reason he did it was that Lisseth was overweight. Instead of taking responsibility for his actions, he tried to blame his wife for his lust. Her weight gain started during her first pregnancy. Her husband at the time, Jose, would encourage her to eat massive English Breakfasts as well as McDonald’s. He indulged her and watched her back on the pounds.

Because she was bigger than before, he lost interest in her. He called her “fat” to her face and started seeking love elsewhere.

“I’d catch Jose looking at me in disgust. As I ate my dinner on the sofa, I’d hear him mutter ‘fat girl,’ as crumbs bounced off my belly,” Lisseth admitted in an interview with the Daily Mail. “It started with little digs, but soon it was cruel jibes. I was desperate to be the curvaceous hourglass girl he had fallen for, but I had no willpower or self-esteem to diet,” she admitted.

“Jose wouldn’t show me any affection and food became even more of a friend,” she said. “The words made my stomach flip, and I hit an all-time low. Food became the only thing to give me a moment of happiness. I was eating around 4,000 calories a day.”

She caught Jose red-handed and then he blamed her for his cheating.

So Lisseth did the right thing and divorced him then and there.

As she filed for divorce, she realized that this was a turning point in her life. She no longer had to endure her ex-husband’s bullying. She could be proud of the person she was and lose the weight she wanted to lose.

Doctors told her a gastric bypass would be best. But she wanted to do the hard work and lose the extra weight through old-fashioned diet and exercise. And when she eventually lost 126 pounds, her ex-husband could not believe the results.

“Every weekend Jose would pick up Lissmar and do a double take as he looked at me. Then one Friday he told me I was looking hot,” she said. “I closed the door on him. I would never let him back in my life. I am a role model to my daughter, and I proved him wrong.”

And she certainly did. Because she took all of Jose’s negative and abuse and used it as a catalyst to lose more than one hundred pounds, she did prove him wrong. And that was what counted.

She continues to be a role model of a strong, independent woman to her little girl. And Lisseth hopes to rise even higher in life. She knows she can do the hard work to make that happen and is ready to do it.

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