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Her Husband Vomited Right After Eating McDonald’s Burger, Quickly Spots What’s In The Meat

McDonald’s has come under a lot of heat about their burger meat. Many people have exposed the chain for not serving fresh beef in their famous sandwiches. While the fast food restaurant has released a statement that they’re moving toward a fresher alternative, there are still a few kinks they need to work out. And if this recent photograph proves anything, it is that McDonald’s still needs to work on getting fresher beef.

When Yasmine Batur bit into her McDonald’s hamburger, she quickly realized that it wasn’t all dead. When she looked closer at what she was eating, she saw that it was infested with maggots. That’s right. The McDonald’s beef was rancid and maggot-ridden. That’s not fresh at all.

Watch the video below to see what happened!

Because she realized that no one would believe her if she didn’t take a photo, the New Zealand woman who lives in New South Wales took a photo of her maggot sandwich and uploaded it to Facebook. From there it quickly went viral as people realized that they could have been eating maggots all along if they didn’t carefully check their food before eating.

Batur was eating a Quarter Pounder when she realized that moving maggots were still squirming within the “fresh” beef.

Batur admitted that her partner vomited after seeing the maggots squirming on her burger. It was that disgusting that they simply could not retain themselves.

“I just sat down to enjoy a double quarter pounder… when I saw all the lovely maggots enjoying it too,” she wrote on Facebook.

She then went on to accuse McDonald’s of hypocrisy after claiming they serve quality food. This is clearly not fresh or quality.

“How dare they serve this to unsuspecting customers. Michael unfortunately finished his before I saw it and is violently vomiting.”

After realizing that she was served maggots at McDonald’s, she pulled apart her burger and saw the slimy critters moving about under the melted cheese. She counted a number of maggots still alive on her food.

Since the video and post was shared online, McDonald’s Australia denied that Batur ever ate at one of their restaurants. They said it was impossible that they were serving maggots on their quarter pounders.

“It’s not possible for this to occur in our restaurants. Our food is cooked at incredibly high temperatures,” the spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia. “We encourage the customer to get in contact with us so we can discuss further.”

The video footage shows the New Zealand woman pulling apart her burger to get all the little maggots out of the beef. While the McDonald’s location denies that they serve maggot-infested food to their customers, the woman managed to get photo and video evidence that love larvae were still in her food. And unless she planted it there for some kind of a trick or prank, it doesn’t seem like she is making anything.

Do you think McDonald’s burgers run the risk of getting infested with maggots and other bugs? Or is the restaurant telling the truth to you?