Her Mom Is In Jail For A Terrible Crime. Now She Wants The Judge To Keep Her There Forever : AWM

Her Mom Is In Jail For A Terrible Crime. Now She Wants The Judge To Keep Her There Forever

You’ve been told to put family first, but for some people, they shouldn’t listen to that advice. Twelve years ago Peta Butler was in a hotel room in Toowoomba, Australia when she was raped by an obese man. She had been on a “girl’s weekend” with her mom to the small town near Brisbane, and they had gone out to dinner to celebrate the happy occasion. Soon, the delightful night turned into a nightmare after Peta consumed a few cocktails, encouraged by her mother.

Once back in the room, she was assaulted by the stranger while her mother stoop outside and smoked a cigarette. Peta desperately begged her mother to come in and help, but her pleas were met with silence.

“She knew what was happening. She might as well have murdered me on that day,” Peta told A Current Affair.  “She took me to that place and premeditated the whole thing. That’s not a mother.”

She was raped by a man only identified at this point as “Thommo.” Peta can still recall the disgusting man’s stench and the scratchy stubble that he aggressively pressed to her face. All the while, her mother just stood there and watched.

For 12 years, her mother walked free while Thommo remains unidentified and unpunished. While the exact reason why her mother set up this horrifying situation, Peta was finally able to prove that Therese knew about the rape by recording a phone call between the two of them.

Therese was sentenced to four years in jail for her part in the crime, but for some reason a judge suspended it after only 12 months. Now Peta is being forced to walk around in a world where both her mother and her rapist walk free – that is not okay.

Peta is now 27 and is a mother as well, and she is fearful every day for her family’s safety. She is now petitioning the Attorney General to get her mother put back behind bars for the correct amount of time.

“Australian children who are victims of pain, torture, neglect, malnutrition, emotionally or sexually abused or subject to violence for several minutes, hours or days should automatically have their abuser sentenced to murder charges,’ she wrote. “No child should be felt feeling their life was worthless. We need justice for every child.”

At the very least, Peta wishes that her mother would have to serve the original sentence for allowing Thommo to rape her without any attempt to stop him. He is still on the loose and presumably continues to attack and rape unfortunate victims to this day.

He is described as currently being in his 50s and extremely obese. He had a shaved head, big blue eyes and stubble. According to Peta, he was wearing an expensive suit and drove her back to the train station in a car with tan seats.

Police released a statement, saying, “Anyone who may recognize him, has knowledge of his movements or knows anything that may help identify him is urged to contact Policelink, Crime Stoppers or their local police station. Anyone who believes they have been hurt by this man is urged to visit their local police station and speak with investigators.”

Why do you think Therese allowed her daughter to get raped by this sick, twisted man?