Her New Dog Wouldn’t Stop Sniffing Her Nose. At Her Next Doctor’s Appointment, She Found Out Why : AWM

Her New Dog Wouldn’t Stop Sniffing Her Nose. At Her Next Doctor’s Appointment, She Found Out Why

Dogs have a knack for sensing impending doom. Most animals do. They can sense when to seek shelter even well before a thunderstorm strikes. They can tell when a gas leak threatens the safety of an entire family. And they can also recognize when a woman is pregnant and offer her extra protection from outside dangers. In short, dogs are utterly awesome. I think even cat people would be willing to agree with that.

In addition to all the canine superpowers, I just listed, dogs also have an ability to recognize health problems in their humans. Because their sense of smell is so fine-tuned, they can recognize when something in the human body changes. I don’t know if they’re noticing a chemical shift or something else, but this story will prove how dogs have this ability.

Lauren Gauthier rescued her pup Victoria. And that day changed her life forever. But it started a few months before. Her husband and she fostered Victoria for a few months and fell deeply in love with her. Instead of letting her get adopted by another family, they decided to take her into their home and have her stay forever. They loved her to the moon and back. But rescuing Victoria ended up rescuing Lauren. But no one could have known that at the time.

Although Victoria has only one eye, it may have worked to Lauren’s advantage. It’s possible that because her sight was weaker, her sense of smell strengthened to compensate.

But a few months ago, things changed. Victoria started pestering Lauren, a lot, almost to the point of annoying her. At first, Lauren thought Victoria was going through a needy phase. So she gave her more attention and even a few extra treats. But no matter how much extra stuff she bestowed on the dog, Victoria would not stop sniffing Lauren’s nose.

Victoria would relentlessly push her nose against Lauren’s. And then she leans back and stare at Lauren with her one eye and do it again.

It took Lauren a while to figure out that Victoria was trying to tell her something. And she figured that she had better listen.

Lauren scheduled a visit to her dermatologist. She hoped her dog was wrong but knew in her gut that Victoria was not.

The doctor told Lauren that she could have cancer. She was biopsied, and the test came back positive. Lauren’s nose was covered with dangerous skin cancer. Thankfully, she underwent surgery, and the cancer was removed. And it did not affect Lauren anymore. Now she’s recovering.

But if it weren’t for Victoria, she would not have felt compelled to schedule a visit to the doctor. And it could have been months or years until she found cancer on her face.

Inside Edition picked up their amazing story. Watch their video report below. You’ll get to meet Lauren and Victoria. And when you see this dog, you’ll fall in love.

What do you think about this dog’s ability to sense her owner’s cancer?