An internet foodie has rocked the boat after sharing their secret ingredient for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Thousands of people are divided about whether or not the secret ingredient is a good addition or an absolutely terrible idea. The recipe comes from Yumna, who is the food blogger supporting the Feel Good Foodie platform. The bizarre sandwich combines “the best of both worlds” by simultaneously making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a grilled cheese sandwich.

The sandwich is very easy to create. You simply start by slathering peanut butter on one piece of bread and your favorite flavor of jelly on the other slice. But then it gets weird. The foodie covers one-half of the sandwich with freshly grated cheese. Then the sandwich gets put together and placed in a frying pan so it can toast the outside. This hybrid creation combines peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a grilled cheese sandwich, which has people divided on whether or not it is a good idea or something utterly disgusting.

When the sandwich is golden brown on each side, she removes it from the frying pan and puts it down to slice in half. When cutting the peanut butter and jelly grilled cheese sandwich in two, the grated cheese stretches.

According to the foodie, the best cheese to use for this bizarre combination is Gouda because it helps the sandwich taste “nutty, mild and melty.” As a backup cheese flavor, you can try using cheddar as that also tastes “good” in this hybrid sandwich.

When this video recipe was shared on social media, people quickly took notice. More than 30,000 people engaged with the post, which is a lot for the American food blogger. Thousands of those viewers left comments. The conversation made it very clear that the sandwich is something you either love or hate – there doesn’t seem to be a middle ground when it comes to Yumna’s peanut butter and jelly grilled cheese sandwich.

“That actually looks amazing. Look at all those flavors,” a woman wrote on Instagram.

“I want to try this, but I’m scared to,” a person commented.

“Now this looks like absolute heaven,” another viewer wrote.

“This looks like a heart attack on a plate,” one person commented.

Responses to the video ranged from people saying that they were going to try and recreate this recipe as soon as possible all the way down to those who said it was an absolutely disgusting idea. To each their own, but if you want something a little less adventurous than peanut butter and jelly grilled cheese sandwich, there are plenty of other recipes to choose from.

Daily Mail ran a report on the bizarre recipe, and dozens of people shared their reactions in the comments. Here are a few:

“Some people need to stay away from the stove.”

“Cheese good, jam good, peanut butter good, what’s not to like?”

While some people are fascinated by the idea of this unique sandwich, others find it absolutely repulsive. What do you think? Is the peanut butter and jelly grilled cheese a good idea or not?

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