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Her Son Had A Complete Meltdown At The Restaurant. Then The Owner Handed Her This Note.

Being a parent is a ton of responsibility, starting from day one until the day you die. When they are younger, it’s important to teach them the important lessons they need to know to survive in this tough world. Children with special needs can be even more challenging, as they can have trouble understanding and utilizing those lessons. Even normal things like going out to dinner can become even more difficult, as Lauren Copp Nordberg understands.

The 35-year-old Washington native recently took her son Elliot out to dinner for a fun celebration. The 6-year-old boy has Asberger’s, but he is typically very well-behaved. Due to the Asberger’s, small things can trigger a big reaction as he become uncomfortable.

They were at his favorite diner and he couldn’t wait to eat his personal favorite breakfast of pancakes and syrup. But soon Elliot realized that he left behind an important toy and started having a meltdown. Like most people on the spectrum, Elliot struggles to communicate which can result in spontaneous outbursts of anger.

He insisted they go home right at that moment, but Lauren had just ordered breakfast and knew they couldn’t just walk away. Elliot didn’t understand, so Lauren reached into her bag for a distraction. Typically she would bring headphones and an mp3 player, or an iPad for him to play on. But her hands grasped at nothing and she was left to deal with his meltdown all on her own.

“Thankfully he calmed down when he saw food, ate the food, then amped right back up again,” she said according to Faithtap.

Difficult times like these can cause us to question our faith, but Lauren was used to dealing with her son’s particular struggles. She is clearly an amazing mother who is simply doing her best to raise the best kid she can.

Lauren helped Elliot finish up his meal and she began to wave at the waitress, hoping to get out of there without too much of a commotion for her fellow diners. She expected them to be quite irritated because at this point her son had been causing a scene for more than a few minutes.

As the diner owner Cyndi brought over her check, Lauren had no idea what was about to happen. Cyndi handed her a note that brought tears to her eyes, letting her know that a fellow diner was kind enough to pay for her entire meal.

“Have a great day! You are doing a wonderful job! 🙂  God Bless – From a mother who knows,” the heartfelt note read.

After dealing with the difficult situation, Lauren just broke down into tears. The kindness of strangers is a powerful thing, no matter how rare these days!

If you see someone in need of some happiness and you have the means to help them, it can be a life-changing experience for both parties. There is nothing like bringing happiness to your fellow citizens of the world.

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