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Her Sultry Makeover Is Making Headlines Across The Globe Because She Can’t Recognize Herself

People shell out thousands of dollars to look younger. They go to their local CVS and pick up the latest skin care and beauty products. Sometimes they even go to plastic surgeons to have work done on their skin and their face so they can look younger than their years. While these can and do work for some people, there is a much easier solution that can help some people look a lot younger – a makeover.

As a method to transform your look, we should quit underestimating the makeover. That’s because we all go to the salon and get a haircut every month or so. However, when we get a completely new style, we can change the way we look. That’s what Minneapolis, Minnesota’s The Makeover Guy Christopher Hopkins believes. He’s built a brand around helping people utterly transform the way they look so they can feel good about themselves and shave years off their appearance.

Debbie heard about The Makeover Guy and knew that his services were exactly what she needed. Before she went into his Minneapolis salon, you’d have certainly judged her to be in her retirement years, but after stepping away from Hopkins’s chair, Debbie was transformed – and looked many years younger.

You might not have heard about Christopher Hopkins, but his celebrity is on the rise. He has been dubbed the Makeover Guy and has become a media personality in recent years – although most of his attention comes from his popular YouTube Channel “The Makeover Guy.”

Hopkins became famous when he appeared on television shows including The Oprah Winfrey Show and TODAY. And he lives to change people’s looks so they can feel good about themselves and feel more youthful.

Hopkins operates a bustling salon. He loves helping men and women look their best. It’s his talent to take a look at them and see through their flaws to the shining person underneath it all. Then he uses his shears to cut away the excess to reveal the person’s glowing center to the world. His work helps build confidence and self-love. There’s a reason people flock to Hopkins’s shop from all across the United States. He’s a sensational makeover artist.

Now let’s focus on Debbie. She’s a 60-year-old mother who loves watching Hopkins’s YouTube videos. She says she’s watched him for a long time and was ready to give his shears a chance to change her look. She also trusts Hopkins completely. If he suggests she dye her hair purple or green, she’ll do it because she knows he has a visionary talent.

Anyone who watches the show knows that purple or green hair is not Hopkins’s go-to look. He loves elegant, sultry and refined. That’s why he gave Debbie an upgrade to her hair color along with an entirely new wardrobe that made her appear flashy and ready to go home in style.

Without a doubt, Debbie was thrilled with what The Makeover Guy did to her look. She loves it and was eager to share it with her family and the world, as you can see in the video below.

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