Her Teenage Sons Were Getting Teased Over Her Looks. After Her Makeover, No One Can Recognize Her : AWM

Her Teenage Sons Were Getting Teased Over Her Looks. After Her Makeover, No One Can Recognize Her

Everyone is encouraged to look their best these days. Ads for gyms feature hard-bodied, fitness-obsessed individuals with bodies like a sculpture. Celebrities are airbrushed to perfection, creating an unattainable standard for the rest of us. This effect is especially evident when we are young and impressionable, and it seems like all that matters is how others perceive us. For one woman, this turned into her entire life.

Dawn Williams was 44 years old when she first appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Her fake breasts popped out of a tiny shirt, as her bleached blond extensions trailed down her bronzed shoulders. Did we mention that she’s a mother to two kids?

This look was obviously not suitable for a mom in her 40s, at least not as suitable as it was back when Dawn was in her 20s. She is a beautiful woman hiding underneath layers and layers of makeup and beauty technique, just waiting to be let free.

That’s exactly what Oprah did for her. Dawn revealed how important her looks had been, ever since she was an overweight child.

“My hair has been the focal point, there’s always that little girl in me that feels that she’s overweight. I always thought that if I had the hair, they’re going to look at the hair and not at me.”

By hiding behind these other features, Dawn believed that people wouldn’t notice her weight. So even after she lost it, the effect still remained. She became so accustomed to being the center of attention that it became a shield for her against reality. But once kids are involved, it’s important to let down that guard and to be yourself.

Dawn underwent a “make-under” and voluntarily accepted help from a skilled aesthetician. He told her that she couldn’t wear any makeup for a while, and to cover up her fake breasts in public. This was a drastic measure for Dawn and it wasn’t easy at first.

“I’m so used to people looking at me, and asking me if I’m a celebrity… It’s been really hard,” she told Oprah. “You’re so used to being a certain way, and then all of a sudden I feel like a piece of me was taken away, that I was stripped away, that I was naked if that makes any sense.”

Her make-under included more modest clothing, a much-needed haircut, and the tasteful application of a reasonable amount of makeup. Soon it was time for the big reveal on Oprah, and her kids awaited their “new mom” eagerly in the crowd.

It wasn’t long for the big reveal, and boy is it impressive! Even Oprah can’t believe her eyes, let alone these poor kids who suffered for years. Their mom now looks like, well, a mom, and that’s the best result they could have asked for.

“It’s really freeing, it really is. You know, I got up and gosh I wasn’t spending so many hours,” Dawn continued.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think of her brand-new style in the comments!