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Her Trick To Straining Pasta Is Sending The Internet Into A Frenzy

If I’m being honest, I’d have to admit that pasta and meatballs is one of my favorite dishes ever. And when my wife makes her home-made meatballs, I can’t help but ask for seconds. That always puts a smile on her face. But unless you’re in the know, you’ve been straining your pasta wrong for years. And if you read this tricky tip you’ll never have to use a sieve or a colander at the base of the sink ever again. While this method certainly works wonders, not everyone agrees it is the best. But when you see the trick in the images below, you’ll be able to make your own judgments. And then tell us your ideas in the comments.

If you take the boiling pot of pasta off the stove and then pour it into the colander in the sink – STOP immediately. This is the wrong method. You can save yourself precious time by modifying it slightly.

Instead of transferring the pasta to the colander and back into the pan, you can keep it all in the pan while draining the boiling water. All you have to do is cover the pan with a strainer and then carefully pour the water out into the sink.

This method certainly saves you a step in preparing your pasta dinners, but it can also pose a threat. If you don’t act carefully, you could get burned by the steam or the hot water. That’s why we advise you to use this tip only when wearing oven mittens or other protective gear.

When done correctly, this method drains all the water while leaving the cooked pasta in the pan. It is certainly effective and quick. You’ll have your pasta drained in now time and don’t have to waste any time getting dinner ready. This is a trick for busy moms and dads who want to make a quick dinner for their entire family without spending hours doing it.

While this method certainly cuts a corner, some Twitter users pointed out that professional chefs don’t do it this way. They use a colander and then pour it back into the pan.

Others thought that the spaghetti would still slip out of the cracks if the cook wasn’t careful. Unless the colander was lined up perfectly with the edge of the saucepan, the pasta could just fall out into the sink making extra work for you to do while cleaning up after dinner.


Viewers on Mail Online contributed their thoughts about the hack. Here were some popular ones:

“1st of all I cook a pound or more of noodles at one time. I am a female with female hands and cannot one hand it without losing all the contents and burning myself. #2nd this might be a relevant tip if it saved you another large item to wash. BUT, it doesn’t, you still get it dirty, so what’s the point?”

“That’s like using a hammer to open a tin of peaches.”

Do you think this tip is useful? Will it save you time cooking dinner?