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Here Are All The Reasons Everyone Should Stop Drinking Bottled Water Today

If you’re like me, you love water. Not only does it taste good, but it is refreshing and good for your body. However, there usually two ways people get their water – from the tap or from a plastic bottle. And now insights show that drinking water from a plastic bottle can actually be far more frightening than you ever imagined.

Some people refuse to drink tap water because they fear that it might not be processed and clean. With lead in the tap water in places like Flint, Michigan, it’s no wonder people are fearful. Nevertheless, the Safe Water Drinking Act ensures that tap water in most places is extremely clean and healthy. Others might complain about its taste. However, you might be alarmed to know that bottled water is not as good for you as you’d think. Here are the reasons why.

Plastic bottles leach chemicals into your water.

If you’re looking for clean drinking water, plastic bottled water might be worse for you than tap. That’s because it’s housed in plastic which is made from chemicals, which can leach into the water you’re drinking. When it tastes like plastic, you’re getting ALL the chemicals.

Bottle water comes from the tap.

You read that right. A lot of bottled water companies simply use tap water instead of the fresh, underground reservoirs they advertise on TV. If you see “purified” or “drinking water” on the bottle, you can rest assured it came from the tap.

Bottled water is less safe.

Tap water must meet government standards. Regulations around bottled water are as loose as a caboose. That means manufacturers can slap words like “pure” on bottled water even if they’re anything but that.

Bottled water has nothing on tap.

If you’re looking for proven health benefits, bottled water has nothing on tap water. Bottled water is not healthier than tap water, so long as the tap water is regulated. When you buy bottled water, you’re pretty much paying for packaging and marketing.

Bottles themselves kill your world.

Creating plastic to bottled water is terrible for the environment. The industry uses 17 million barrels of oil every year to create the plastic for bottled water. That’s a lot of fossil fuel usage.

Bottles clog our landfills.

Although you can recycle most water bottles, many people do not. That means they go to our landfills and stuff them to the brim. Only one in five bottles make it to the recycling bin.

It’s expensive!

Compared to tap water, bottled water will set you back a pretty penny. That can be hard for busy families who have to count their money carefully. Get a water filter and use tap if you’re concerned about “purity.”

Producing bottled water wastes… water.

Plastic needs a lot of water to be produced. It sounds bizarre, but it takes a lot of water to make the thing that is supposed to hold our water. What a waste.

Tap water is safe.

Because municipalities must monitor their water supply, tap water is very safe. Don’t let the bottled water companies fool you!

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