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Here Are The 10 Best Entires Into The National Geographic Photo Competition

When it comes to photography, National Geographic is the bee’s knees as the magazine is known for capturing moments like no other publication. The pages are filled with pictures that depict humanity, nature and historical events that manage to get embedded in our minds forever. Not only is the quality of the photography top notch, but the timing of the photos is impeccable.

On a mission to find the best travel photographer of 2018, National Geographic recently launched itsĀ annual contest and while there was only one winner, there were many submissions that provided high-quality content that shows the world through travel and exploration. The three categories that contestants can submit to are: cities, nature, and people, and the submissions are limitless.

The contest, which is open until May 31, 2018, has so far received some pretty amazing photos including the following…

Japanese photographer, Hideyuki Katagiri submitted a piece under the city category and it managed to capture all the colors and lines at the Enoshima railway off the coast of Japan.

In another piece, a pair of sisters can be seen sitting in different staircases of their house, while one sips on masala chai and the other reads a book. The shot was captured by Malaysian photographer Firdaus Hadzri.

Mattia Passarini got a stellar shot that showed the up close and personal faces of cattle belonging to the Mundari tribe in South Sudan. He captioned it with the following:

“Mundari is one of the most prominent cattle-herding tribes. They are primarily transhumant pastoralists, moving their herds of cattle to riverine pastures during the dry season and back to permanent settlements in savanna forest during the rains.”

In another animal photo, photographer Khai Chuin, from Malaysia, shot an image of a rhino’s profile standing before a tree with birds hovering over it. Regarding the photo, Chuin said the following…

“I took an early ride out from the camp in Masai Mara National Park, searching for the great migration when I saw a rhino from far away standing beside a tree. The backlight from the early sun was too strong, so I took a silhouette instead.”

In a photo that showed off the magic of color, an American photographer named Naresh Balaguru, captured a magnificent image of a rainbow over the Grand Canyon. Alongside the photo, he said the following:

“Just at the time of sunrise, a storm approached the south rim and I almost packed my gear. But it cleared for a temporary period of time giving this amazing view from Powell Point. My first trip to this magnificent landmark left me speechless while I was clicking this shot.”

In another colorful moment, Hiroki Inoue shot an image of an illuminated cherry blossom tree at night in the Nakameguro area of Tokyo.

An archeological site in Mexico was captured by Italian photographer, Enrico Pescantini. He shared a bit about the site in the following:

“This pyramid, the third-largest of Earth, was dedicated to the God of Sun, and its geometrical perfection can only inspire admiration for the civilization that builds it. The grandeur of this behemoth is even greater compared with those tiny dots of humanity in the frame. Seemingly insignificant, but in the end also the makers of this wonder.”

Here are a few more images from the competition:

Which one do you think should win?