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Here Are The 8 Words Prince Harry Whispered To A Girl In The Crowd That Had Her Bursting With Tears

While visiting Melbourne, Australia with his wife Megan Markle, one teen knew it was her day. She camped out for more than seven hours to be as close as she could to her prince. India Brown, 19, from Marysville just wanted to be able to see Prince Harry. But she managed to get as close to the border as possible – and when Prince Harry walked past, he broke royal protocol and gave India Brown a hug.

Although India just wanted to see Prince Harry and his bride, he gave her more than she ever could have hoped for. Because he leaned over the divider and hugged India, as she screamed with delight, she got something that no commoner ever does – a hug from a royal.

Prince Harry couldn’t miss India in the crowd. She was the loudest and most excited person to see him during his entire Australian tour. And she also held a sign that read: “We ’ve been here since 4 am! Loved u since I was 8!!!”

Partly because of the sign and partly because he could see how excited India was to see him, Prince Harry broke royal protocol and gave her a hug over the barricade. It was a symbolic gesture that showed the royals are just people like everyone else.

After the hug, reporters swarmed India Brown and asked her questions about the hug.

“He is someone I have looked up to for many many years,” Brown told reporters. “Everything he stands for is amazing. I’ve loved that family since I was eight and I’ve followed them around the world.”

India and her friend Molly camped out in the Royal Botanic Gardens since early that morning because they wanted to see Prince Harry and his wife, Megan Markle. And they were blessed with his presence better than they could have guessed.

But as Prince Harry hugged India Brown, he whispered eight words that she will never forget and that made her feel so special.

“He just said: ‘You are going to get me into trouble.’”

Brown added, “It was just such an opportunity, and I just went for it. I didn’t expect it to happen because it’s actually against protocol. He reciprocated the hug too. It was awesome.”

India Brown is an “avid monarchist” as she describes herself. And she called Prince Harry’s hugs “the best ever.”

She even kept telling the reporters at ABC that “there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be here today. I’ve always had a rich passion for everything the royals stand for.”

Brown loves the royals, especially Prince Harry and Megan Markle.

Later Brown took a few photos of the royal escapade. She also shared a photo of her and her friend camping out in the rain to see the prince.

The photo caption said: “No one else I would do this for! So happy for you that your childhood dream has come true. Glad I got to share that experience with you!”

What do you think about Prince Harry and Megan Markle breaking royal protocol to hug their fans?

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