A Reddit user came up with a clever question that was rather eye-opening. “What’s easier when (you are) unattractive?” the Redditor wrote on the u/trajop subreddit. The question garnered a lot of attention and soon received more than one thousand comments from people who wanted to speak out about the reality of being unattractive. While people know that beautiful and attractive people generally get more attention, there are some unexpected benefits for those who are not blessed with good looks, according to people posting to Reddit.

The following list was pulled directly from Reddit. The responses have been slightly edited for accuracy and readability.

  • “Being single without being questioned why.”
  • “They don’t even bother asking when are you gonna have kids.”
  • “In high school, a girl I know was asking all her friends who they were going with and what their dresses looked like. She got to me and asked me if I was thinking of going or not.”
  • “Blending into masses” – “Unless you’re too ugly, then people will see you and remember you forever.”
  • “The minimal amount of effort I have to put into my looks”
  • “Talking to people without having to worry that they’re only interested in your looks.”
  • “Being left alone” – “This. People tend to leave you alone. An example happened today. I was at a corporate work reception with a friend of mine. He is conventionally attractive, and I am, well, me… We went to the event together, and he was getting approached by a lot of people, both men, and women from different departments, while I was just getting sidelined. In truth, I have been a natural loner since I was a young child, so I prefer it that way. I would not like being the center of attention.”
  • “Getting old” – “This is the most important example. Beauty is fleeting, and I see a mental health crisis with so many people unable to cope with aging. What’s worse is how it is even exploited.”
  • “People assume your successes are based on your skills.” – “Yup. Female musician here. As a very visibly nerdy bass player in my first real band, I very rarely (not never, sadly!) drew any doubts about being able to play or got any catcalls or requests to remove clothing. Our very classically attractive frontwoman with a mandolin?…poor girl.”
  • “Not having fake friends.”
  • “Being unbothered. If I’m in a baggy hoodie with the hood up and sweat pants, no one bothers me at a bus stop. If I have a dress on seven times out of 10, people either get too close or start chatting. My solution is just pretending I don’t speak English.”
  • “Dealing with people who pretend to be your friend but just want you in their bed or want to improve their ‘aura’ by hanging out with an attractive person.”
  • “Walking in public because no one bothers you. With that said, immediately figuring out that an attractive woman that is trying to be flirty with you is really an escort or prostitute because they will call you handsome or cutie or sexy.”

What do you think about these “benefits” for being unattractive?

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