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Here Is A List Of All The Things Tourists Complain About When They Visit The United States

As Americans, we sometimes forget how lucky we are to live in the United States. Not only is this country the richest one in the world, but it also has a lot of opportunities available to those willing to work for them. But not only that, America has an interesting history, which is rather young when compared to some of the other developed nations in the world, being only about 240 years long.

Nevertheless, tourists are not always happy when they come to the United States for their visits. Whether they’re going to New York City to see the Statue of Liberty or Hollywood to see the Walk of Fame, tourists have shared their numerous complaints with us, and we’re happy to share them with you.

By far, the most common complaint tourists have when visiting the United States is the condition of our toilets. Not only are American public bathrooms usually absolutely disgusting – even the most red-blooded American can admit to that – they’re very hard to come by.

The opinions of these international tourists came after someone posted a simple question to Reddit. It was, “People who have visited the U.S. from another country, what surprised you the most?”

The answers were very simple and direct. And people could not stop talking about the toilets!

“Your toilets are ¾ full of water. Why?” one Reddit user asked.

Another person added, “The toilets are so wide. And why is the water in the toilet bowl right up near the seat? Why does it need to be so high?”

“Gaps around toilet doors. Why?”

In short order, it became clear that tourists are shocked by how Americans go to the bathroom. They feel it lacks privacy and wastes a lot of water unnecessarily. While toilets were a particular source of stress, so were American showers.

“Yeah, showers without detachable shower heads is so weird in a first-world country like the US.”

Other people hate the fact that Americans have sales tax and that retailers hardly ever include it in their listed price.

“Why isn’t tax added on to the item initially? It means you never know how much you’re actually going to pay,” one tourist wrote.

Another added that they hated how “They put ice in every single thing they drink!”

While many of these things were bad, one Reddit user was impressed with how Americans have healthy options while going out to eat.

“On your health menu, there are waffles and pancakes, and they’re defined healthy because you add a strawberry or they come with some fruit. Also, everything is so big.”

Besides our large portions and icy drinks, some European tourists were also not impressed with the quality of American bread.

“Apparently quality bread is not valued, all you can buy is this toast-like white bread. No whole-grain bread or other variations.”

Tourists were also shocked that American waitstaff does not get paid proper wages. Instead, the industry gives them “slave wages” and expects the customer to pay a tip.

What do you think about these observations from tourists?

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