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Here Is The Full List Of Things Your House Guests Hate About Your Home

No matter how much you prepare your home to welcome guests, you’re bound to miss something that will absolutely horrify them. Whether it is leaving the toilet uncleaned or the kitchen a disaster, it is hard to keep your home absolutely spick and span, so it is always ready to receive guests. But in this article, you’ll learn the dozen and third things that leave guests stunned when they come over your house.

First, you need to cool it with the knickknacks. If your shelves are covered in doodads, people will notice, and they’re not going to like it. That means if you’re a collector of “fine” things, you’d better know how to organize them in a way to keep your shelves uncluttered.

Pets are also a problem if there are too many of them. “I find it horrifying when animals are allowed on the counter,” public relations specialist Catherine Fahy Green told Drink PR. Keep your pets off the counter.

Dirty dishes are another major problem if you’re having guests over. Make sure to clean them all or at least hide them away in the dishwasher or even the oven if you have no other choice.

Trash should never be lying about. Always toss it in the bin when you’re done with it, or you’re going to scare your guests away from your otherwise beautiful home. “As a real estate agent, I have seen overflowing trash, dirty diapers, and pet feces in people’s homes,” real estate expert Allison Bethell said.

Organize your mail. While we all get too much junk mail, it exhibits a lack of organization if it is scattered about. Throw it away if you’re done with it or find a place to organize your papers.

A dirty bathroom leaves guests feeling grimy and disgusting. It should be one of the first things you clean if you’re having guests come over. Don’t forget to clean the toilet, as well.

If you’re not a neat freak, then you might not have dusted your home in a while. Guests can tell. Give your abode a once-over next time you’re expecting people to come to visit. They’ll appreciate it.

Taxidermy is a no-no when it comes to guests. Enough said.

Same goes for living pets. The dog bed should not be the focal point of the room – no matter how close you are to your canine.

Dirty laundry is something that should only exist in the laundry room or the hamper. Don’t let it pile up on the floor or on the back of the couch.

Pet hair can be disgusting. Make sure you pick it up before guests come over, especially if it is magnetized to your furniture.

Clutter must go when you’re having guests over. A quick fix is to throw it all into one room and keep it locked.

Design styles can also send guests running for the hills. If everything in the house matches – same color, same pattern, etc. – expect your guests to get queasy.

Intimate photos belong in the bedroom. Don’t scatter them around the home.

It may be hard to notice “the smell,” but if your home has one, get an air freshener before guests arrive. The same goes for the cat litter box. Don’t keep it in the open.

As a guest, what makes your skin crawl when visiting someone’s house?

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