He’s Already Been Deported 16 Times, But The Judge May Allow Him To Stay Because Of A Technicality : AWM

He’s Already Been Deported 16 Times, But The Judge May Allow Him To Stay Because Of A Technicality

Since President Trump took office, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers have been working overtime to crack down on people in the country illegally. But after ICE officers broke into a man’s home using a crowbar, the judge may be forced to throw out the case if their entrance is found unlawful. Although the man they were after, Alberto Alonso, who had been deported sixteen times, had an arrest warrant out for him, the ICE agents should not have broken down his door with a crowbar.

His daughter, who is one of five, recorded the incident as ICE agents smashed the family’s door down at their home in National City, California.

The ICE agents are heavily armed and rode up to Alberto’s house in unmarked cars. As Alberto’s wife tries to keep the armed agents out of the house, the video shows them smashing their metal door in.

When the ICE agents get into the home, Alberto and his wife, Briana Alonso, can be heard asking the agents for a warrant. Meanwhile, Alberto’s 11-year-old daughter Jocelyn films the ordeal.

It is uncertain if the entry was lawful or not. And Alberto’s lawyer William Baker admitted that the judge would have to look into the facts with honesty to see if the way they arrested Alberto was lawful or not.

Although the agents had a federal warrant for Alberto’s arrest because he reentered the country sixteen times after being deported.

After the officers break down the family’s door, they laugh at Briana when she asks for the warrant.

“You’re watching too much movies. We’ll show you the warrant when we are done.”

Briana claims that for three hours the agents lurked outside their home waiting for the family to emerge. They turned off their electricity at one point and had their guns at the ready.

“My dad was going outside to go to work when ICE came. He started running upstairs, and we were waiting with him for three hours. We filmed them until they got a warrant,” Jocelyn, 11, told WSWS. “They sent someone to get a warrant, which means they lied when they said they had a warrant in the beginning. They got in without showing anything, and they pointed a gun at the three of us, my grandma and my sister.”

She added, “They eventually cut the power and turned off the lights while we were calling our lawyers. They hurt me by grabbing my hand to get my phone, and they deleted a photo, but I was still able to send a recording online. They have no right to touch me. I’m a kid.”

Neighbors also came out to support Alberto and his family. They filmed the ICE agents breaking into the home without a warrant from their porches.

“I told my daughter to record even though she didn’t want to,” Briana said. “When they got in they took the phone, they pointed their guns, and I was in total shock. I don’t even remember when they took my husband.”

What do you think about the way ICE entered this family home?