He’s Been Missing For Three Years, But Nobody Thought To Check His Fire Pit Until Now : AWM

He’s Been Missing For Three Years, But Nobody Thought To Check His Fire Pit Until Now

Though Michael Shaver has been missing for three years, a clue found on his own property is finally shedding some new light on his mysterious disappearance. Lake County, Florida deputies discovered a human upper arm bone in the fire pit on Shaver’s property recently, with a forensic anthropologist confirming the type of bone. Shaver was only recently reported as a missing person, when a friend called the Sheriff’s Office two weeks ago to explain that the man hadn’t been seen since 2015.

When authorities questioned Shaver’s wife, she said she also hadn’t seen him since 2015 and allowed investigators to search the home. According to the Orlando Sentinel, “what seemed like a fresh layer of concrete had been dumped near the pit” and the authorities asked Shaver’s wife for permission to bring a cadaver dog to the site.

The Sentinel further reports: “She refused and asked for an attorney, but authorities obtained a warrant and searched the home.” The authorities continued to dig on the property and discovered more human remains and articles of clothing in the man’s backyard.

Lt. John Herrell told the Orlando Sentinel that the remains were turned over to the Medical Examiner’s office for identification and cause of death.

Shaver’s older sister noted that the family had been looking for the man but didn’t alert authorities because “we thought we could find him on our own,” she said.

Additionally, WKMG reports that his wife told the station: “I have no comment and you can reach out to my attorney,” before driving off.

A neighbor who lives across the street from the home shared: “I’d see him out working in the yard… then all of a sudden he was gone, and some other guy moved in.” 

He added: “I’d like to know what happened to him, of course. Your mind always goes to the furthest thing.” 

Further, the station reports that there are records of Shaver being arrested on a domestic violence charge in 2014 after he and his wife were arguing about a home repair project and things became physical.

Shaver’s sister also explained to the station that they hope to get answers, saying: “He is a wonderful caring man who would give the shirt off his back to anyone who needed it. His two children were his absolute world. He loved his family and we love him so very, very much. We miss him terribly.”

Those weighing in with comments on social media were concerned that the man had not been reported missing for such a long time, with people sharing: “So sad. No one even missed this guy for years. Poor soul. Prayers” and “So the guy has been missing since 2015 and only NOW, friends and family become concerned?!”

Another asked, “Why wouldn’t his sister or other family members have called the police if they haven’t seen or heard from him for three years? Doesn’t make any sense,” while another person reasoned: “Many families are not close and do not stay in contact. Very sad.”

Still another commenter added: “So sorry for the family of Michael, please be gentle with comments, he has family around this area. They have been deeply concerned and praying.”