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He’s Been Proposing To His Girlfriend Every Day For Months. Today, He Got His Answer

For the last month, 30-year-old Edi Okoro has been proposing to his beloved girlfriend. However, 28-year-old Cally Read has been too oblivious to notice. While most young women are dying to have their significant others propose marriage, Read went about her days, unaware of how Okoro was finding a bunch of moments to showcase the ring without her knowledge. When the right time finally arose – he proposed to her face – she was overjoyed to see that he was professing his love.

Because Okoro proposed to his girlfriend for an entire month, he came up with a bunch of creative ways to pop the question. When she did not catch on to his game, he decided he’d better come out and profess his love the good-old-fashion way, by asking her to marry him to her face.

Okoro purchased the diamond ring earlier this year, but he was not trying to rush the proposal. He wanted the moment to be just right, so he waited for that to happen. Because the young man from Herefordshire, England wanted the moment to be perfect, he figured he’d stage a bunch of elaborate ways to express his undying love for Read. But as he told FEMAIL, she had no clue.

“Those who have gone through this (and those who will soon find out), you want to propose in a way that speaks to you as a person and couple,” he said. “Some plan a flash mob, a fancy meal, or even arrange a marry-me sign. I couldn’t do this because ‘Edi doesn’t plan.’ I’m a spontaneous improviser.”

Edi knew that if he started devising a big plan to make his marriage proposal epic, she would “clock on” to it immediately and his surprise would be blown. That’s not what he wanted. He wanted it to be special, to be a memory she would remember for the rest of her life.

In the series of photos he captured, you can see him showing the ring to Read. But she simply does not see it.

“Because of this I took the ring with me everywhere hoping the ‘moment’ would arise in line with my spontaneous style,” he said. “After a month or so of waiting for the right moment, I was sitting on the sofa admiring ‘my precious’ (yes, I became very attracted to this ring by this point). Cally almost caught me staring at the ring, and it hit me. All these missed opportunities mixed in with the thought. Cally doesn’t know I have the ring. I should just start documenting these moments.”

Edi started taking photos of himself showing the ring off in his girlfriend’s presence. She was clueless, and it was great.

“The idea was to take as many photos, in more daring scenarios, until I found the perfect moment to propose or until I got caught, at which point I would propose.”

He played this game for four weeks until he found the perfect moment.

Now the pair are eager to plan their wedding. I’m sure it will be filled with as much fun as possible given Edi’s creativity.

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