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He’s Had This Tumor For 50 Years, But Never Bothered To Do Anything About It Until Now

A man who remarkably carried a very large tumor on the back of his neck for 50 years has finally had it removed. Surgeons spent 10 hours removing the 33 pound tumor from 64-year-old Zhao Xingfu. The man explained that the tumor, known as a lipoma, was “the size of an egg” initially when it appeared 47 years ago. Over the years, it grew in size, but the man ignored it as it was painless and he couldn’t afford the costly treatment.

According to the Daily Mail, the man explained that he “became accustomed to it,” but eventually, the tumor became so large that it made it difficult for him to walk. That’s when his son, Zhao Jianjiang, sought the help of Dr. Dong Shixiang at the Guizhou Tumour Hospital. The family was able to afford the procedure because his son raised the necessary money.

The surgery took hours, but the operation was a success and the man is expected to make a full recovery. Following the tumor removal, the man said, “I’m not used to it not being there yet!” No doubt it’s quite literally a weight lifted from his shoulders.

The doctor, who cut away 95 percent of the man’s growth, remarked: “In all my years, I’d never seen such a large tumor.” Now that the surgery is over, the man will be free of the condition for the rest of his life and is currently recovering.

Among the people who weighed in with comments on the Daily Mail’s coverage of the story were those who wrote: “God, that’s awful. Glad he had it removed at last,” “Just wow, well done those surgeons!” and “this really makes you think how lucky some of us really are, hope he makes a full recovery.”

Another significantly large tumor was removed earlier this year from a New York man who believed he just had a “beer belly.” It turned out to be a 30-pound tumor! He couldn’t explain why he had such a large stomach, telling New York Daily News that it had nothing to do with bad habits: “I don’t even like beer. I was lean. I’m 6’3″ and very athletic.”

Additionally, he told CBS News that following a 2015 open heart surgery procedure, he lost 30 pounds with diet and exercise but the fat remained around his midsection. He noted: “[I] went from 232 pounds to 198 and didn’t lose an ounce out of my stomach. I almost thought it got even bigger.” He added: “After the weight loss, to not lose an ounce in my belly, it made no logical sense.”

After undergoing a CAT scan, doctors discovered that “an extremely large mass” was in his midsection. The man explained: “For two seconds I felt completely vindicated,” adding, “And then after that I was somewhat petrified because after hearing that you have a giant mass, you think cancer and I didn’t know if I was going to live or if I was going to die or if I was going to be going through chemo and radiation for years.” Doctors were able to successfully remove the tumor and the man made a full recovery.