Hidden Camera Shows How A Kidnapper Lured This Little Girl Away To Do The Unthinkable : AWM

Hidden Camera Shows How A Kidnapper Lured This Little Girl Away To Do The Unthinkable

This shocking video footage making the rounds online shows the moment a man allegedly lures a little girl away from a candy shop in a north Indian village, 50 miles from New Delhi. The alleged attacker, who works for the little girl’s father, is seen holding her hand as they walk away from the shop he works at.

The man allegedly raped the child at his home, then stabbed her and hid her body in a container at the house he shares with his mother.

The police report that he then returned to work and even volunteered to help find the girl after her parents reported her missing. A neighbor alerted authorities that he had seen the man walking away and they found the girl’s body at his home.

The Sun reports that “a medical examination confirmed the child had been raped before being killed.”

According to the girl’s father, the man had worked for him for nine years. He now wants her to hang for the murder of his daughter. The attacker is a married man named Bholu; he was arrested and was questioned by police.

The police involved in investigating the case are using the CCTV video, forensic evidence and eyewitness accounts to understand what happened before she was killed.

According to The Sun: “India has recently made headlines for a spate of sickening sex attacks that has seen children raped, abused, tortured and killed.” The site further notes that “54 children across the country are raped every day.”

Contributing factors are believed to be the traditional views on the role of women, class and religious conflict, and social media. The crime has been labeled a “national emergency,” with the government enforcing the death penalty for those found guilty of these crimes.

Many who weighed in with comments on the horrific story on The Sun website believed the rapist and murderer should get the appropriate punishment, with one person saying he should “be hanged in front of the public” and another believing he should be “brutally wiped out by the law in public.”

Another commenter added: “I cannot understand the mindset of such people. He worked with the girl’s father for 8-9 years. And he brutally raped and killed her 4 year old daughter. For what? What kind of mindset must this person be having?”

Another commenter thought perhaps the man is “a psychopath because psychopaths show such tendencies of lack of empathy.”

Others looked specifically at the country, with one person noting “Today I was reading an article where India ranks at No. 2 in the world as the worst country for women in the world.”
Another commenter pointed out: “India must take an intolerable stand against these types of heinous crimes and we have to find out the reasons why these are happening, root causes and remedy. It’s very important, along with stringent action and punishment to concerned wrongdoers. Hope this may happen soon.”

Many noted how sorry they felt for the family, with one person writing: “I’m so sorry to hear this. My heart goes out to the parents.”