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Hidden Image In Optical Illusion Is Causing People To Freak Out, Can You Spot It?

If you were around in the nineties, they surely you know about the Magic Eye stereograms. Remember those optical illusion posters that were hung all over the place. They became so addicting so fast that malls even had dedicated stores where they were sold. Well, we have some good news…they just may be coming back, all thanks to Blake Lively. The famed actress recently posted one of the stereograms to her Instagram account, alongside the comment…

“What a hole decided the world no longer needed these?!?!”

And we are happy she did because they provide hours of fun for all ages.

At first glance, the illusions look like giant posters made out of colorful dots, but once you look closer and have a staring contest with the posters, you soon learn that there is much more to the images than a bunch of dots. Actual pictures pop out at you and they appear to be so real that you will be second guessing whether or not the subject in the illusion is going to reach out and touch you.

So, how did the artists manage to put together a bunch of tiny dots to reveal an image?

Well, it’s based on a whole lot of research that tested what the human eye can detect and is based on depth perception and the ability to view things in three dimensions.

Lively’s post was shared when she was on a mission to promote her movie, “The Shallows,” and the illusion is certainly fitting for the actresses latest film.

You can give the illusion a try just by staring into the black and blue dots for several seconds. By staringĀ at the image like this, it causes your eyes to unfocus slightly. Just a warning…your eyes might cross, which can be painful for some. Another way to see the image pop out at you is to start out by standing close to the image, then slowly move away from it while continuing to stare. Soon, you will be able to witness the image coming to life.
This particular image has internet users going wild since it’s not all that easy to see.
According to the Magic Eye viewing tips, it is actually easier to look at the image on a piece of paper instead of on a computer screen.
If you are having trouble detecting the image, it may help to know that it relates to Lively’s movie, “The Shallows,” which is based on a surfer’s struggle to shore after she is attacked by a great white shark. The movie is sure to leave you in fear of being in open water, as it includes horrific moments of one woman’s struggle to survive. It is one film that is sure to leave you on the edge of your seat.
It will be interesting to see if Magic Eye posters get popular again, since Lively’s popular post. The good thing about them is that they have something for everyone and they are certainly a conversation piece if you have one hanging on the wall in your home.