His Dad Died In The Line Of Duty. When He Asked His Mom For One Favor, She Couldn’t Say No : AWM

His Dad Died In The Line Of Duty. When He Asked His Mom For One Favor, She Couldn’t Say No

Losing a parent is something that no adult is ready to deal with. When it happens to a kid, it’s truly a tragedy because that child will grow up with a huge lack in his or her life that they won’t know how to deal with. That’s in addition to the already complex nature of navigating the modern life of course.

For Dakota Pitts, it all started going downhill when he was just 5-years-old. His father Rob worked as a police officer until he was killed in the middle of an important investigation. The entire Terre Haute, Indiana community grieved that day but nobody more than poor little Dakota.

As they say, a boy needs his father. Dakota will now be forced to live without his for the vast majority of his life. The sad fact is that Dakota may barely remember his father at all with time, but hopefully, he’ll be able to keep some memories close to his heart as the years go by.

The entire community came together to support the family and especially little Dakota. They held a community service and thousands attended, lining the streets of the town with loving faces as the family was forced to say a final goodbye to their beloved husband, father, and son.

Dakota was still feeling understandably depressed, so he relayed a simple wish to his mother. He never expected anything to come of it, but of course, he held out hope in the back of his head.

Little Dakota asked his mom if a police officer like his dad court escort him back to school. Perhaps fearing for his safety, perhaps clinging to the memory of his father, that was what Dakota wanted.

His mom called up the police station and let them know about the sweet, sad boy’s innocent wish. They told her not to worry – they would fulfill his wish and then some! Dakota and his mother had no idea what was about to happen.

One officer showed up to escort Dakota to school, and at first, all was well as they walked along. But ahead Dakota saw the real surprise – over 70 of his dad’s co-workers lining the sidewalk and smiling down at him.

Each of them wished him well and let him know what a wonderful officer and man his father was. In the coming months, hopefully, Dakota can remember all this support and remember what a heroic man his dad was in life.

This heartfelt action by the officers of the Terre Haute department was just a few minutes to them, but it won’t be so short-lived for this poor boy who misses his father more than anything in the world.

“In the future, he will look back and see how much everybody really cared about him and his dad, poor kid,” one YouTuber commented.

“One day when the son gets old enough, I hope he will become a great officer, and make his father proud in heaven,” wrote another.

What do you think of the kind actions of the Terre Haute Police Department in the wake of this tragic death?