His Dad’s Alzheimer’s Has Been Getting Worse, But He’ll Never Forget The Next Words That He Spoke : AWM

His Dad’s Alzheimer’s Has Been Getting Worse, But He’ll Never Forget The Next Words That He Spoke

As your parents age, a new set of concerns begin to emerge in your adult life. Do they have enough money to be taken care of as they get older? How much help will they need to make that transition? How will their health hold up in the long run, especially if they are alone? Simon McDermott knows all of this too well, after learning that his father was suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Ted McDermott was almost 80 years old when he began to forget little things, like specific dates or things that were told to him. Soon, his memory deteriorated to the point where he struggled to remember family members, what happened in the past and even his personal interests and favorite things.

As anyone who has had to deal with Alzheimer’s knows, it can be incredibly sad to witness this from the outside as someone close to the person suffering with the disease. Simon struggled to keep up his spirits, knowing his father and personal hero was struggling so much to remember anything about his own life.

One area where Ted’s brain function seemed perfect was music, and as a younger man was known as quite the crooner. He was known around town as an amazing singer and would share his love for music with anyone who wanted to hear him sing.

At some point, Simon was riding in the car with his father when suddenly Ted began to sing again, just like the old times. Simon kept putting on oldies and his father miraculously remembered every single word – even the melodies were stuck in his head from decades ago.

Music has an amazing ability to imprint itself on our brains, and how an Alzheimer’s patient can remember song lyrics but not their children’s face is something that will need to be studied further to be understood. The fact it, these beautiful songs must have imprinted on his memory in a different way than important facts or statistics.

After more than a few singing trips, Simon decided to share his talented father’s singing with the world through the power of video. He wanted to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s as well, making sure to share it with The Alzheimer’s Society.

The video went viral almost immediately, garnering millions of views and shares within the first few hours of posting. Ted is seen singing, “Quando Quando Quando,” by Tony Renis and Emilio Pericoli and the internet couldn’t get enough of this sweet, suffering elderly man.

It wasn’t all pity though – this man can still really belt out a tune just like the old days! As you can see below, he hasn’t lost a single step since the old days and it’s clear that his father is filled with joy the entire time.

If  a sweet video doesn’t bring a smile to your face, you might want to go to the doctor and get your face muscles checked. We all need to remember to love and cherish the important people in our lives, especially if they are suffering with an illness such as this. Let this video give you hope that even in the worst circumstances, love will still make you smile.

Don’t you just love Ted’s incredible voice and amazing charisma?