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His Daughter’s Body Was Found In The Sewer, But Dad Says She Choked On Milk

It took a long time for 39-year-old Wesley Matthews to admit the truth, but now that he has, he’ll be spending the rest of his life in prison. Back in October 2017, Matthews was initially indicted on capital murder charges concerning his three-year-old adopted daughter Sherin. The little girl had suddenly gone missing from her parents’ Dallas-area home when her decomposing remains were found two weeks later abandoned in a sewage passage.

An autopsy revealed that the little girl did not die from falling into the tunnel or some other means, the cause of death was determined to be homicidal violence.

Once the autopsy results came in, Matthews grew very defensive. He claimed that he did not hurt his daughter, but that she choked to death on her milk. He then failed to alert the authorities and panicked, throwing her into the sewer with the human waste and water drain off.

Although Matthews had a story to tell concerning the death of his daughter, prosecutors did not believe a word of it. They told the jury that Matthews lied and showed no remorse when he murdered the little child.

In the two years since the girl was brutally murdered, Matthews is finally facing the justice that he deserves. After her violent death, he stuffed her tiny body into a blue bag and left it to rot in a “culvert in north Texas.” Because of the brutal mode of killing his daughter, the Texas jury sentenced Matthews to a life sentence in prison. He will be eligible for parole in thirty years.

On Tuesday, Matthews testified about how his daughter choked on milk and died by accident. He said he panicked when he saw her body and stuffed her into a bag to be abandoned in the sewer. Although the father of two had been charged with capital murder, he pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of injury to a child by omission.

Defense Attorney Rafael De La Garza managed to get the jury to agree to the lesser charge because the prosecutors could find no witness who ever saw Matthews mistreat his daughter. Instead, they said she died because he failed to take action to save her.

In front of the jury, prosecutors called Matthews, a liar. They said how he gave conflicting accounts and showed no remorse when he stuffed her tiny dead body into a bag and threw it in the sewer.

Meanwhile, Matthews’s claim that Sherin died by choking on milk seems medically impossible. The medical examiner testified that it was not likely that a child could die that way.

“It means he’s still a liar. It means he killed that little girl. And when he killed her, he panicked,” Prosecutor Sherre Thomas said.

Matthews said that Sherin had a special diet and died because of it.

“I tried to gently shake Sherin so she would be out of that spell, but nothing was working and in a matter… pretty soon her head started going different directions, and her head came to a still,” Matthews said.

He claimed that he did not call 911 because he was afraid they’d notify child welfare services. Now he’s going to jail for the rest of his life.

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