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His Dog Went Missing Every Day, So One Day He Decides To Follow Him To Learn His Secret

Just because your dog is your best friend doesn’t mean you know everything about its life. Humans have to leave dogs alone for long stretches of time when they go to work, go to school, leave home for an errand in town, or simply to take a vacation. While some dogs are blessed to live on a ranch or farm where they’re free to roam for hours and hours like the dog in Jack London’s “Into the Wild,” most canine companions are confined to our houses, apartments, and yards for long stretches of time.

Although this pup, who hails from Iceland’s Tory Island, loves his owner, he has another friend that he can’t get enough of. The golden retriever’s name is Ben. And whenever he can get away from his owner, he runs away to the ocean where he swims with his true best friend, a different type of mammal.

In the video below, which was filmed by Ben’s human owner, you’ll get to see the canine making friends with a surprising buddy. As Ben swims out a hundred feet into the waves, another creature’s head pops out of the water as if it was waiting for Ben for some time. And what does Ben’s best friend happen to be? A dolphin!

Although you probably suspect they don’t have a true friendship, more of a skin-deep curiosity than something true and real, you’d be wrong. Ben and the dolphin are fast friends and love to play together on many occasions. Just as Ben’s slightly envious owner, Pat Doohan. In an interview with the Irish Independent, Doohan told about how Ben and his Dolphin buddy share an amazing relationship, loaded with fun and frolicking in the water.

For example, Ben and Doohan will be in the water, and his dolphin friend will pop right up and give the dog a grin.

“Then she’ll pop up on the other side. It is just wonderful to watch. They seem to be having great sport. . . Occasionally a school of dolphins will go by, and she will join them. When I see them, I think she will forget the island and go back to her wild ways, but she never does.”

This dolphin prefers to enjoy an idyllic life with Ben rather than join her own kind and swim the ocean deep.

The dolphin’s name is Duggie. And she greets Ben every time he pops into the water.

Many viewers are stunned to see Ben and Duggie building such a bond with each other. However, this is not the first time two animals from differing species have become close best friends. For example, last week we reported about how a Corgi, who lost her puppies at birth, was given a kitten, and the pair became a family.

If you love watching animals get along, then you’re going to love this video of Duggie and Ben. Take a look below.

What do you think about how friendly Ben and the dolphin Duggie are while swimming around Iceland?