His Neighbors Want The Police To Throw Him In Jail Because They Don’t Like His House : AWM

His Neighbors Want The Police To Throw Him In Jail Because They Don’t Like His House

A controversy is swirling over the unfinished mansion of celebrity developer Mohamed Hadid, who has left neighbors livid over his monstrous hilltop house. Those residing in the neighboring houses below are concerned that his giant home could trigger landslides and destroy their homes, with four residents suing him for failing to follow a judge’s order to reduce the size of the mansion.

Hadid was warned last year in court that if he didn’t reduce the size of the 30,000 square foot Bel Air home within three years, he could face jail time. According to the Daily Mail, Hadid “pleaded ‘no contest’ to three charges of criminally violating building regulations and ignoring orders to stop construction while building the mansion in Los Angeles.”

Despite the court order, he has yet to demolish any portion of the building and his neighbors allege that the city hasn’t followed up on the order. His neighbors hope that more substantial foundations are laid as well to help ensure that their homes below aren’t in danger.

Their hope is that a judge will enforce the order to demolish a portion of the home, which began construction after Hadid bought the plot in 2011, with two huge decks that the neighbors claimed were illegal, as well as a 70-seat IMAX theater. It was also believed that the home was 31 feet higher than it should have been and 9,000 square feet too big, according to reports.

The Los Angeles City Council ordered him to stop construction, but he continued until the city decided to prosecute him criminally. He was fined $3,000 last year and ordered to pay $14,191 in fees to the city of Los Angeles, as well as serve 200 hours of community service. He avoided jail time with a three year probation and the agreement that he would rebuild the home, making it compliant with building codes and complete the mansion’s construction. The home has been called “Starship Enterprise” by neighbors because it’s so huge.

Neighbor Joe Horacek, whose house is directly beneath Hadid’s home, told the Daily Mail last year: “I know this has been characterized as a fight between millionaires and billionaires and the millionaires are jealous of the billionaires’ money — but it bears no resemblance to that. I have this peaceful little place that is so private and then all of a sudden this guy comes along for no purpose other than total greed and builds this massive structure.”

Among the comments left on the Daily Mail’s coverage of the ongoing battle was one person who noted: “This building project and the arguments around it have been going on for years. I bet Mr. Hadid will see his end before the building is finished. So much for a dream house to spend his last years in.”

Another commenter noted that the home is “a monstrosity and a half” and “should be razed,” adding, “The judge should be fired with his so lenient judgments and lack of enforcement. If I were those neighbors I would be absolutely livid and dancing on somebody’s desk.”