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Hollywood Celeb Is Shocked When Her Tweet About Kamala Harris Is Deemed Racist

When the star of Grey’s Anatomy tuned in to the second Democratic Presidential debate last Wednesday, she watched Senator Kamala Harris emerge from the ranks. Because the television star Ellen Pompeo felt that Harris rubbed her the wrong way, she decided to share her opinion on Twitter by commenting on a tweet from Bloomberg. However, the people of Twitter quickly turned their back on Pompeo’s tweet and deemed it racist as for how she wrote about the African American Senator.

The Bloomberg tweet called out “an emerging trend in this debate: Kamala Harris very clear only wants to debate Joe Biden. Every time she’s been challenged by a lower-polling candidate, she takes it back to Biden.”

Pompeo had a few choice words to say about that, and her comments landed her in hot water fast.

“Because she’s overconfident and believes he is her only competition,” the actor tweeted.

Many people responded to Pompeo’s comment negatively. They saw it as a criticism of Harris, which she would never have received from the actor if she weren’t black and a woman.

One Twitter user asked Pompeo: “Black women are allowed only a certain amount of confidence. Must always yield something to whatever white man is around.”

A man told Pompeo, “I know you didn’t just call a black woman running for President overconfident. Sit your *ss down.”

Another person flatly stated what they thought it was: “Let me be very clear. This was racist.”

Other people didn’t necessarily take the comment as a racial attack, but they did see it as a criticism that was built around sexism.

“Wow, I disagree with that. Is overconfident the acceptable way of saying uppity? Every single person on the stage was confident but somehow the black woman (was wrong). White women need to do better. Be the change we need.”

Another person wrote, “You don’t get to call a WOC who went to Howard U, got her law degree at UC Hastings, was the first black woman DA in SF’s history, was the first POC AG of any state, is the 2nd black woman Senator/1st S. Asian woman Senator in US history. That she’s overconfident.”

One person called out the hypocrisy in Pompeo’s comment. Since she works on Grey’s Anatomy, which is run by Shonda Rhimes, a very confident and successful black woman, this user felt compelled to call that out.

“Um, excuse me. You work for a confident Black woman and are married to a Black man, with biracial children, you might want to watch how you frame your language about the only Black woman candidate.”

“Good God. Is that like being over-prepared? What an awful and demeaning comment to a Strong Black Woman,” another wrote.

While some people disagree that this is a race issue, most critics agree that her comment was sexist.

“Oh, Ellen, what an awful take. First, she doesn’t have to bother challenging candidates polling at 1%. Second, men never have to apologize for being tough & confident.”

What do you think about Kamala Harris as a Presidential candidate?

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