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Homeless Man Peers Into Abandoned Home In Woods, Spots Terrifying Scene

Dying alone is a terrible fear for most people. To leave this world with no one around to care is a depressing and saddening thought. But in Georgia this just happened. A disabled man who was in his forties died while at home and no one had any idea until a curious homeless man peered into the window and saw his skeleton. Not only did this frighten the homeless man, it brought up a lot of questions. Why had this disabled man been left alone for so long? Did he have no one in the world to come and check on him? Learn more about this tragic story below.

The man who died is thought to be disabled and in his mid-forties at the time of his passing. And when the homeless man went up to the DeKalb County man’s home, he saw his skeleton through the window and it shook him to his core.

After finding the skeleton, the homeless man told a neighbor from the Ellenwood area about the skeleton. But that neighbor did nothing for several days and only called the police on Monday to follow up with the homeless man’s information. Why did the neighbor delay in calling the police?

When officials arrived, they admitted that they saw the “skeleton” through the window of the property located on Telstar Drive.

Shiera Campbell, a spokeswoman for the DeKalb police revealed the medical professionals are working around the clock to figure out the cause of death for the disabled Georgia man. And as his identity is still locked up, the public doesn’t know who he is and why he died.

The medical examiner said that because the body is so old and decayed, they will struggle to identify the cause of death and may never know the man’s identity.

“Right now, they don’t even know how long he’s been dead,” Campbell revealed. That means that two years is only speculation.

“We do have to talk to the family and see exactly what happened with this person. It is believed he moved in after the parents died,” Campbell continued.

Because the bones are so old, the police may bring in an anthropologist consultant to examine the man’s bones and skeletal remains.

So far the police revealed that the man was 48-years old and was apparently disabled. Beyond that, the rest is a mystery.

The home belonged to the man’s parents. But they died a decade ago and left the house to their children. The man is believed to have moved in four years ago and was aided by his two sisters because he was disabled.

“They would come twice a week, bring his food, take the trash out to the street and bring the trash cans back,” the neighbor said.

Three years ago the sisters stopped visiting. It is unclear if they had an argument or a disagreement or wanted to distance themselves from the man because he required their care.

Neighbors were at a loss.

“They didn’t come back anymore to bring him any food or watch after him or call me and ask me to, you know, look out for the house. A tree fell on it and they never said anything else. They just locked the house up and that’s it,” the neighbor concluded.