Homeless Man Walked Up To This Abandonded Puppy, But Nobody Expected His Next Move : AWM

Homeless Man Walked Up To This Abandonded Puppy, But Nobody Expected His Next Move

How difficult life can be for a homeless person is difficult for anyone who hasn’t experienced it to understand. To be able to survive, you need to be tough – there isn’t a lot of room for compassion when you are struggling just to stay alive each day. But one homeless man recently proved everyone wrong by doing something purely out of the love in his heart.

Angel Jones was walking home from her job in Salt Lake City, Utah when she saw a homeless man on the side of the sidewalk. His name was Ron, and he held a tattered cardboard sign, begging for money or work if possible but Jones didn’t have any cash or change on her, nor a job to help him get back on his feet.

She quickly walked by when suddenly something Ron was holding caught her attention out of the corner of her eye. A tiny Chihuahua was laying on his lap, looking quite dingy and sad.

Angel bent down to offer Ron a cigarette, when she inquired as to how he found this sweet pup. He had wrapped the poor dog in a blanket and was using his body heat to keep the small dog warm.

Ron then told her a story that brought her almost to tears. Ron witnessed a woman abandon the puppy right in the middle of a busy highway. He risked his life to go grab the dog, fearing that it’s life may be in danger from other cars. He scooped the dog up and brought it to safety about two hours before he met Jones.

“In this brief time we spoke, I was inspired… He was just trying to do right so this dog, ‘wasn’t homeless like me,'” she told The Dodo.

Jones then proceeded to do something heroic of her own. She posted quickly on Facebook about the story, hoping that someone she knew would be in the position to help the poor dog.

A beautiful soul named Kathleen Dallman was touched by the story and shared it on her own page, where another woman reported that she was on her way to pick up the dog that very minute!

“She offered Ron $50 as a show of her gratitude for keeping him safe. He said, ‘No, I just wanted to do the right thing.’ But she insisted he take it,” Kathleen described to The Dodo. “[Ron] was in tears because he was able to help the dog find a home. He said he knew what it was like to be homeless, and he didn’t want the dog to be homeless.”

Lucky Louie now has a name and a home, all thanks to this homeless man’s love despite having absolutely nothing of his own. Kathleen even started a GoFundMe page for Ron, to help him get back on his feet. It is titled, “Raise money for the homeless hero” and has reached $6,563 of the $10,000 goal.

Homelessness is a serious issue in America and stories like this remind us of the humanity inside those poor people on the side of the road. All they want is a chance to show they can contribute to society, but it’s so hard once you’ve fallen so far. We need to stick together and help them out in any way that we can.

How do you contribute to your local community?