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Housekeeper Was Cleaning A Room, But When She Opened The Bottom Drawer She Screamed

Most mothers teach their children not to snoop when you’re in someone else’s home. But while they might tell their children not to do it, many moms are guilty of looking in the medicine cabinet or peering into drawers while visiting another person’s house. It’s not that they’re bad people, it is just that they’re giving in to the curiosity that every human being shares.

But this story involves a housekeeper who gave in to her desire to look through the drawers. And while that might not be a surprise, what she found certainly was. And what she decided to do with it will make you proud to be human.

After an elderly couple decided to leave their home in Ypsilanti, Michigan and move closer to their family in Kentucky, they packed everything up and prepared for the huge change. The moving van was already full. All they needed to do now was pick up their wad of cash and their suitcases. The money was enough to pay the movers as well as cover some bills for their new place. Because the money was essential, they kept it close as they hit the road from Michigan to Kentucky. But along the way, the wad of cash went missing. It had been in the wife’s purse, which she lost. They had no idea where they had lost it.

Thankfully, a Good Samaritan was already working to reunite the elderly couple with their life savings. Brigid Murray, who worked as a housekeeper at the Ann Arbor Regent Hotel found the purse and the eleven thousand dollars left behind in the hotel room dresser.

While Brigid could have taken the cash and ran, she decided to do the right thing and return it to the couple that absentmindedly forgot it.

If the money had not fallen into the hands of someone with such a clear conscience, they would have been left with nothing to pay the movers and start their new life in Kentucky.

Brigid’s jaw dropped open when she saw the cash. She couldn’t believe it.

“Oh no, no, no. I remember seeing her that morning and speaking to her and not knowing that I was like a guardian angel to her,” Murray said. “I’m just glad she got it.”

The couple only realized they had lost all their money and the elderly woman’s purse when they arrived in Kentucky. That’s when things got frantic.

They had already traveled too far to pick up the money, so they sent a cousin to grab the cash once they knew where it was.

Diana Hurlburt, director of housekeeping, admitted that they found wallets and purses all the time at the hotel. But they never found one with so much money.

“It’s wonderful. Finding it and returning it makes you feel so good,” Hurlburt said.

“I hope everything’s working out fine for them in their new home,” Brigid added.

If it were not for Brigid’s warm and kind heart, the elderly couple would have had nothing.

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