Moving trucks were spotted outside of Hunter Biden’s luxury Venice Beach waterfront rental. The property, which is worth about $5.4 million, was Biden’s primary residence in Los Angeles. The son of the president reportedly paid $25,000 per month in rent to get access to the three-story property that is located along the world-famous Venice canals that are only about a block from the beach.

However, Venice, California, has since been overrun with homeless people. During the pandemic, hundreds of people flocked to the waterfront location to live in an illegal encampment that has continued to grow in size month after month. The rumor is now spreading that Hunter Biden, 51, is fleeing his home in Venice because the city has been swarmed with hordes of homeless who have nowhere to go and nowhere to sleep.

Hunter Biden is a father of five. He moved into the Venice home with his wife, Melissa, and their son, Beau, at the end of 2020.

Homelessness in Venice has skyrocketed because of the country’s economic collapse during the pandemic in the final year of the Trump administration. Back in 2014, only about 175 homeless people lived along Venice Beach in tents and other sparse accommodations. Now, about seven years later, the figure stands closer to 1,200 homeless people calling the tourist destination their temporary home.

Hunter will not lose any money on the property because he was only renting it. Homeowners in the area have been hit very hard lately. Because of the influx of homelessness, which brings crime, drugs, and violence along with it, homeowners have witnessed a sharp decline in property values recently. According to Daily Mail, property prices have dropped between ten and thirty percent in the area where Biden once called home in Los Angeles.

Other Venice residents have taken a stand against the homeless invasion. For example, Paul Hogan, 81, the star of Crocodile Dundee, was spotted setting up a sign on his front door that sent a direct message to the homeless population that has lately invaded the luxurious Los Angeles city. Hogan wrote a note on a paper that told the homeless loitering in front of his property, “This is my house, not yours.”

The Venice Beach Boardwalk is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. Although there are more than one thousand homeless people camping out along the beach, people still visit the iconic Boardwalk for fun activities and shopping in the area.

Daily Mail sent a correspondent to visit Venice Beach. They reported, “there were syringes — one with a needle still attached — nestling in the sand in a children’s play area on the beach.”

Locals want the government to do more to help them.

“I can’t even walk my dog or go bike riding along the Venice Beach bike path anymore,” longtime Venice resident Heather Sullivan said to Daily Mail. “It’s too scary and just too violent. We have had numerous dog thefts, and it’s just heartbreaking, and many of the animals in these encampments are not treated well.”

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