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Hunters Find Dead Deer, Cut It Open; Realize It’s A 1-In-A-Billion Find

Hunting is a popular pastime for many people across the United States. It is one of the main reasons that people wish to protect the second amendment right. And while hunting can still be controversial, few people are upset when people hunt animals that are overpopulated. On animal that is overpopulated in many parts across the United States is deer. Deer are everywhere. And when there are too many of them, they can run out into the road causing traffic accidents or destroy crops because they’re nibbling on the leaves. While deer hunting is common, one deer stuck out from all the rest. After it was killed on the hunt, the Utah deer was cut open. And that’s when the hunters discovered what made this deer remarkable.

This deer is special because its rib cage is unique. Although you might not notice anything strange about it at first, when you look closely this rib cage is one of a kind.

In the photo uploaded to Utah Conservation Officers, you can see that the deer has a rib cage with an arrow in it. Apparently the deer was hit with the missile years ago and it stayed inside its body. And the body of the deer simply grew around the arrow and included it into the bone structure of the rib.

The Facebook post was accompanied with the caption included here:

“Take a close look at this, absolutely amazing! This deer was shot several years prior and when they dressed it out they found this! Someone shot the deer years prior, but it wasn’t a fatal shot. It broke off a few ribs and the arrow broke off, the deer’s body used the arrow as a splint and the bone grew around the shaft (notice the Bear Razorhead)!”

The photo was uploaded by Robert Stegall who said his father was the hunter to finally take down this deer.

At the time of this writing, the Facebook post has already gotten more than 40,000 likes and was shared more than 52,000 times.

The Facebook post doesn’t clarify the killing blow that finally took down the tough deer. It could have been either an arrow or a bullet for all we know. But we do know that this deer is a fighter and wouldn’t give up its life easily. It is impressive that Stegall’s father was the one to finally take it down on the hunt.

If I was the hunter, I would have also framed its ribs. It is an awesome thing that nature is able to adapt and grow despite getting a near fatal blow to its body. That arrow must have just been inches from vital organs and maybe even the deer’s heart.

In Utah, deer hunting is a big business. Every year more than 55,000 hunters come to Utah in search of a trophy kill like this one. But not everyone is lucky enough to find a deer with a ribcage that has an arrow built into it.

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