Husband Builds A Secret Room In The Basement, 20 Days Later He Asks His Wife To Go Downstairs : AWM

Husband Builds A Secret Room In The Basement, 20 Days Later He Asks His Wife To Go Downstairs

When you’re the best husband/dad and have a wife and daughter who love to craft, but there’s no dedicated space to get their projects done, you get creative. Dad Andrew took it upon himself to make it happen by creating the perfect space for his wife Silvia and his daughter’s crafting supplies, all while they were out of town for a few weeks.

Andrew documented the process from start to finish in a video, an absolutely beautiful labor of love, as he transformed their basement into a craft room… in just 20 days.

Andrew noted on YouTube: “It was a ton of work, but with them gone I could work all hours of the night.” He admitted, “I didn’t get it 100% finished as I still needed to trim the tabletop edges and I had a sink and faucet that I later added to the small counter by the fridge, but the hard work was done and the surprise was not diminished.”

It’s absolutely beautiful, as he hand-built the crafting tables, included overhead lighting, installed hardwood flooring, and added plenty of closet space for storage. He painted the room a bright and cheery color, no doubt the perfect setting for creativity.

Let’s talk about that closet for a second: a walk-in room with shelves, perfect for organizing their craft materials. Bless his heart, he even set up their supplies!

Then it was finally time for the big reveal and dad’s hard work definitely didn’t disappoint. First, the dogs checked it out and totally approve and then his daughter excitedly rushed in, overwhelmed and excited by the craft space, yelling out “this is awesome!” Finally, his wife came in, stunned by the transformation.

Among the many comments left on his YouTube video were those who thought he really went above and beyond, with one person writing: “Sir I don’t say this often, you are a rockstar. What an amazing father/husband you are and I hope your family is blessed in every conceivable way.”

Others believed he was definitely deserving of some kind of “Best Husband/Dad” award, with one commenter writing: “This was amazing to watch you do ALLLLLL of it! It’s beautiful and every crafty girl’s dream is to have a space like this and a handy hubby like yourself! Great job… hands down, wow!! I would love to see in separate videos how you did the tables and how you laid the flooring… just stuff that would help us work on our spaces, you know?”

Everyone was universally impressed, with comments that included: “You are the most awesome hubby and your wife and little girl must be very special to you. I’m amazed you could get this done in 20 days!” and “All of this done single-handedly? Wow! You have done an amazing, amazing, amazing job! Yes I said it three times as I will never have enough space for a million times! I’m sharing this right now.”

One commenter hoped for a followup to see the space finished, writing: “I would love to see an UPDATE on this video! How did wifey decorate the walls and how did she organize the space?”

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