Husband Calls Wife Fat After She Had A Baby So He Dumps Him And Gets A “Revenge Body” : AWM

Husband Calls Wife Fat After She Had A Baby So He Dumps Him And Gets A “Revenge Body”

When Jose married Lisseth, he thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world. As they enjoyed the honeymoon phase of their marriage, Jose made sure to remind her about how he felt as often as possible. But as time passed and Lisseth grew pregnant with their daughter, the way she looked started to change. She gained weight, and when she gave birth, she did not shed the extra pounds as quickly as Jose would have liked.

Because she did not look the day she had on their wedding night, Jose started calling her “fat,” hoping that his distaste in the way she looked would motivate her to hit the gym. Instead, it just eroded Lisseth’s self-esteem, and she continued to eat her feelings. That only made the marital problems more pronounced.

Although Jose was losing interest, Lisseth tried to keep things exciting. She offered things that she had not before. “I’d try to show affection in bed, but he’d turn over and go to sleep. I repulsed him and cried myself to sleep,” Lisseth told Daily Mail.

Lisseth did not realize it, but Jose was sleeping with other women. Because he no longer found his wife attractive, he got his female “fix” with whoever he could whenever he could. For years, he lied to her about his affairs. But he was never afraid to call her “fat” to her face.

“I’d catch Jose looking at me in disgust. As I ate my dinner on the sofa, I’d hear him mutter ‘fat girl,’ as crumbs bounced off my belly,” Lisseth told Daily Mail. “It started with little digs, but soon it was cruel jibes. I was desperate to be the curvaceous hourglass girl he had fallen for, but I had no willpower or self-esteem to diet.”

When Lisseth and Jose were first together, he was romantically insatiable. But since she’d put on the weight, he’d stopped showing physical interest. She knew this was suspicious and she suspected he was having an affair.

“I got hold of his phone and found myself scrolling through texts, and hundreds of incriminating texts littered his inbox. I felt disgusted, but something changed in me. When his key turned in the door that evening, I pounced and told him what I’d found,” she said. “He didn’t deny it and told me it was my fault as I was so fat. He told me I’d always be ugly. I was devastated but determined. This man would never hurt me again.”

She dumped the son of a b*tch and decided to get on with her life. When the divorce went through, she decided that a fresh start from his negativity was exactly what she needed to transform her life. And transform her life she did.

“The weight started to drop off me. I felt great. My clothes were so baggy I had to buy smaller sizes,” she said.

When Jose saw how good she looked, he was desperate to have her again.

“Jose would pick up Lissmar and do a double-take as he looked at me. Then one Friday he told me I was looking hot,” she said. “I closed the door on him. I would never let him back in my life. I am a role model for my daughter, and I proved him wrong.”

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