When Lesley Zerebny was killed in the line of duty on October 8, her husband and their 4-month-old daughter were left to cope with the tragedy. In the days following the female officer’s death, a group of California mothers decided to do something to help little Cora because the family was desperate for help in their time of need. These generous California mothers banded together and organized and collected donations of breast milk, which will be screened and tested before it is given to the baby girl, proving that these mothers are able to show just one example of kindness and support for the family in their time of need following the tragic death of Lesley.

In a collective effort, more than 500 ounces of donated breast milk were sent to the grieving family. This donation amounts to roughly 32 pounds of breastmilk and is enough to help provide Cora with the nutritional support she needs during this important point in her development. The Monterey area mothers’ generous act of kindness was warmly welcomed by the Zerebny family, who are deeply grateful for the support and assistance.

The Zerebny family has truly been touched by this act of kindness and generosity, which will help them get through this difficult time in their life. It’s a reminder that even in times of tragedy, there still can be acts of love and compassion to comfort those who are suffering. It is an inspiring example of just how much these California mothers are willing to do for a family in need.

The band of mothers’ generosity and thoughtfulness will not be forgotten by the Zerebny family or those who witnessed their act of kindness, including hundreds of thousands of people who learned about the simple act of kindness through social media. This kind gesture serves as a reminder that even in difficult times, love and compassion can make all the difference. It is a heartwarming reminder that it is still good in the world.

The Zerebny family is forever thankful for the support and kindness of these caring mothers. One of the women who helped lead the charge gave her name only as Ashley, maintaining a certain level of anonymity.

Ashley told KTVU she “just wanted to do a good thing in a bad situation.”

Meanwhile, the man thought to be behind the death of Officer Zerebny is 26-year-old John Felix. Felix was arrested after he engaged the local police in a dangerous shootout. If the authorities have their way, Felix will be charged with the murders of both Officer Zerebny and her partner, Jose Gilbert Vega, who was a thirty-five-year veteran of the police department and was about to retire when he was murdered.

After Officer Zerebny and her partner arrived at the home, they spoke to Felix through a screen door. Felix suddenly opened fire on the police officers with an automatic assault rifle, the type of weapon used by many mass murderers. A third officer was also injured during the ordeal.