Husband Takes One Look At His Wife’s Preschool Class Photo, Yells “Oh My God!” : AWM

Husband Takes One Look At His Wife’s Preschool Class Photo, Yells “Oh My God!”

There’s a saying that soulmates meet more than once. If you’ve met the love of your life, it stands to reason that you might have brushed past them at another time of life. For example, when I was living in Providence my now wife was living in Brooklyn. But I used to live there, so imagine if we had sat next to each other on the subway without knowing. That’s the kind of thing that happened to Evan Ayers when he looked at his wife’s preschool class photo for the first time.

As couples do, Ayers asked his wife to show him pictures from her childhood. He wanted to know his wife, Brytin Waterlyn, even better than he already did. Because she was eager to connect with him deeply as well, she happily pulled out the old photos and started flipping through.

But when they got to her preschool photos, Ayers was stunned.

“My girlfriend is an Imp creature,” he wrote on imgur. “While searching for a rice cooker my GF and I came upon this picture from her preschool. I started busting out laughing because I recognized her instantly. Some say she wasn’t quite human.”

While Ayers was able to point out his woman an instant – she had such a recognizable smile – he also saw another face in the picture, a face that he knew all too well.

It was him.

“Then I realized something very odd about the picture,” he explains. “Something was a little too familiar. HOLY CRAP THAT WAS ME!”

Not only did they meet later in life and fall in love, but they had also started life together as well. They were in the same preschool class all along and couldn’t believe it.

And to make matters even stranger, Ayers and Waterlyn were sitting right next to each other. They were certainly meant to be together. Without a doubt, they were meant to be.

Although they had been in the same preschool class together, they did not otherwise grow up together. They grew up several cities apart. And only later did they reconnect. It was a decade later.

And only after they were married, did they share the pictures of the preschool class on Imgur.

“We grew up a long ways away from each other, a few cities apart at least but it turned out that we somehow had gone to the same preschool,” he says.

Ayers was freaked out by the situation. So he did the only logical thing, he called his mother.

“I freaked out and called my mom ( what else would you do in a situation like that), and sure enough she confirmed that it was me,” he wrote. “We had both attended this same preschool when we were like 3-years-old. Mildly interesting to say the least.”

Although it has been more than sixteen years since this preschool photo, his wife still has the same smile. Some things just don’t change.

Viewers were stunned by the coincidence.

“People say it’s a small world, and normally I don’t believe it; in this case, I’ll make an exception – that’s crazy awesome stuff, OP,” one imgur user said.

“Oh, you guys are too cute! Obviously very young though. Be excellent to each other. It seems this may be fate,” said another.

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